Your most/least favourite TD DLC vehicle?

  • Hi,

    for me, the most favourite vehicle is the GT8SU, it controls nice, it is universal, and even bidirectional.
    The least favourite vehicle is the original GT8, maybe GT6 too when it is released, because they are too strange to control for me...

    Here you have older Czech tram Tatra T1 driver cabin:

    As you can see, it is clean space, the tram itself is controlled by set of pedals under the pult. It is in fact the first tram of Tatra Tx series which led to Tatra T3, it had PCC like electrical equipment and was first Czech tram to not be controlled by lever.

    At the time of DüWag GT6 we already had Tatra T2, which was almost same from equipment part as the Tatra T3, just had different body and was significantly heavier...

    The DLC is really nice, do not take this as blaming, more like as friendly feedback and DLC tram expierence sharing.

    Thanks for your opinions! :)

  • The Equipment was actually depending on what was ordered. You can go by crank handle, Billet or foot pedals since 1951 :) in Düsseldorf however, there was never an option for trams not getting a crank handle, until the simple control stick was invented.

    My favourite is the GT8S ;D


    Der GT8S schneidet Linksabbieger schweißfrei.

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