Special character

  • Hi all,

    I have a question about inserting a special character:

    situation: the lines I am building are indicated not with numbers but with letters.

    Problem: despite having created codes on the "special characters" table with the letters I am interested in, I only see numbers. The route indication works great.

    I am therefore still trying to understand how it can display, in fact, the single letter and where and how to insert the special code. In the editor? In the Content? I do not know.

    I have read many times in the lexicon but cannot understand.

    I am referring to the external matrix.

    Thank you

  • Hello,

    can you please provide some screenshots, so we are able to reproduce the situation?

    I assume you are working in the content tool? There you need to set an Line and a Route as number to enter it in the board computer, but with the special characters column you can overwrite the line number with only letters. After that the boardcomputer will send it to the matrix display and the display will show it up !if the character is supported!

    In many cases only the regular latin alphabet is supported (A-Z, a-z, 0-9, ÄaÖöÜüß), but you can maybe ask the creator to add some more letter or create your own matrix display with your country specific letter accents.



    Send Logfiles and Screenshots!

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  • Im not sure if it's just the PIS-file you mean, but to assign a special character to a route, you have to select the character and then use the red marked button as in the picture. If your special character doesnt have any refers to the line number (Like (#) or (R1-R2)), just the letter should be visible.

    Right now, these lines may not show correctly at Station Signs, because these yet don't have the possibility to show characters. But that will probably follow soon.

  • Thank you for your answers

    The image of the content you posted is just what I'm trying to do and the photo of the bus exactly reflects one of the letters that I have to insert. Now I'm not in front of the pc, but yesterday I did exactly this but it doesn't work. (I only use A-Z characters). I did not understand what they are for (#) and (R1-R2) ... Unfortunately, even translating lexicon certain sentences are difficult to compose.

    Since I am creating a line that follows the path "A > B > A" and that has to change matrix once it reaches "B" (always keeping the letter of the line the same) maybe I did something wrong in inserting the codes. I edited your images to show you how I did it.

  • Here a example of the encoding in this field:

    In this case we use the Bus line 78910 as example:

    A A
    AB AB
    (#) 78910
    A(#) A78910
    (L2-R1) 8910
    A(L2-R1) A8910
    X(L1-L3) X789
    Y(L4-R1) Y10
    A(#)Z A78910Z



    Send Logfiles and Screenshots!

    Ironie und Humor seit 24 Jahren!

  • Thanks everyone, I solved it.

    I don't know if that's right but that's enough for me. To get just the letter I did this: A(##) B(##) C(##) etc. I hope it might be useful to someone.

    Thanks again for the support

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