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  • Hello dear developer friends :D
    We would have as creators with some friends different relevant suggestions to submit to you for the development of Lotus, I do not currently know if these features are planned and / or already available, so I submit them to you here:

    During the study of our project, we thought of certain details which would give a new aspect to the game, in particular on a tramway for example, the "watch" function or on old "dead man" equipment which would require therefore the player has to maintain constant pressure on a key (which could then be adapted to a controller), a function which would be selectable or not in the interface. For example, I am currently modeling a PCC-type engine, these machines were controlled by pedals, which would then be entirely possible by adding a pedal controller in the game.

    Next, we plan to represent a large part of a vast network, involving two metro lines. So we have several questions regarding the Lotus Metro module. We would first like to know if several traction modes can be selected, such as conventional driving under control of a speed limit index, "on sight" driving concerning restricted walking without speed limit instructions, or even the autopilot. On this last point, this automatic pilot would only be used to connect one station to another, having to be restarted after each stop. It would even be perfect to be able to adjust certain aspects of it in the field, such as on the track directly for example and/or the equipment, in order to have a speed value different from the limit speed, early braking anticipation, the point of exact stop etc. Of course during the execution of the autopilot between two stations, all the other functions of the train would be active, such as the action of an emergency stop button or windshield wipers, not simply having an "AI" who takes control of the train.
    Furthermore, in this same theme, the equipment that we would like to develop is equipped with an automatic door opening system, which can be selected or not by the driver. The latter, when active, automatically detects the side of descent of the passengers, triggers the release of the doors (the latter only open by the action of the handles) as soon as the train slows down below 6 km/h (this is for the example). Could such an automatic system be developed on Lotus?

    We were also thinking about passenger service in the station (whether in the metro, trams, etc.). Could we have the possibility of using a fixed mirror on the ground as an object and of being able to really use it in order to carry out the traveler service? This would give a certain realism to the simulation and would require the player to be precise for faultless driving by increasing immersion (this same type of mirror could be used for a road vehicle in a difficult intersection, for example).

    Then imagine that Lotus recognizes the microphone connected to the computer, and that we can, by the action of a button, be able to actually talk to our passengers (and therefore hear our own voice inside the train)?

    Finally, we were thinking of certain aspects of urban transport, such as a "washing machine" for all types of vehicles, on the road or by rail. The rollers would have a collision with the vehicle during its passage, and we could really see the splashes as well as the different products used during washing (foam, rinse, etc.).

    I know that we are really going to space with all these ideas and especially the last one, but it seems according to reliable sources that the last module of Lotus must bring us a little closer to the stars? :fantastic:

    Hoping to have managed to transcribe our ideas correctly and in advance, I apologize for my pitifully translated English! :sshht:

    Friendly! ^^

  • Quote

    "dead man" equipment

    Its already ingame.
    Its in German called "SiFa".
    And yep, you can activate or deactivatet it via options.

    Unsere Züge fahren immer!

    Deine Feuerwehr.

    Master of Traffic signs

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