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    There are different variants of this font because it has been reworked over time, which is quite obvious for the glyphs for 6, 9, t, a when you compare signs from the 50s with signs from later decades. The BVG rollsigns are from 70s, 80s, and 90s but that doesn't mean the manufacturer always used the latest font version available at that time. The only thing you can do is google. There's one free download of an old version of the Mittelschrift (i.e. regular typeface) made by Peter Wiegel available from his website that I found quickly: (download link is in top left corner).

    They used more than one font: The classic DIN 1451 Mittelschrift and Engschrift (in different versions) as well as other fonts.

    You have to specify a link for the aerial view in the editor settings in the required format. First task for you is to find a WMTS or WMS service that covers London. Then you can find out what's the link to enter in the settings.

    The scripts should be located in your Lotus installation folder, subfolder "OpenSource\Scripts ND313".

    That texture on the sidewalk looks weird, like the larger stones consist of smaller ones, some of them including the gaps between the larger stones in their surface. Maybe you got the detail texture wrong?

    Should i play Lotus in a little window, or what?


    1. You can enlarge the window after selecting the map you want to play.

    2. This is obviously a known bug (I have the same problem) that will be fixed sometime in the future. But since it's not a showstopper, it's probably not high priority.

    1. Öffne die Karte im Mapeditor.
    2. Klick im Mapeditor oben auf den von Janine gezeigten Button, dann öffnet sich das Reservierungs-Fenster.
    3. Klick in diesem Fenster unten rechts auf den Button zum Umwandeln in eine Einzelspielerkarte.

    EDIT: Aaaaaand once again: 32Bit does NOT matter! Cause 32bit or 64bit has nothing todo with performance.

    I disagree with that, at least if it's meant to be a general statement. For instance, when a game exceeds the 4 GB memory barrier that comes with 32 bit applications, this has effects on the performance. However, a 32 bit application handles polygons and textures as good as a 64 bit application, so it is true that just switching to 64 bit does not magically fix all performance issues one may have.

    If you just want to follow the game development progress, it's sufficient to follow the Facebook page and the official announcements forum. No need to get overwhelmed by the massive amount of threads dealing with questions, issues, content announcements, etc. You don't have to read that to find out the current status.

    It's AI related, but traffic rules and bus stops will also affect the player. All I meant to say is that there are more things missing than the possibility to import bus models (in fact, the model can be imported right now but you can't drive it). For instance (without me having verified it), I think the script system in the available EA version is not ready for road vehicles, too. So there is some work for the developers to do and after that content creators will need to put some work into their existing maps, too. Just not to give the wrong impression that you build your map and everything is ready once the first bus arrives for Lotus.

    Leyland1195 I think it will be the same amount of work as for RHD maps.

    The map editor and content tool won't change fundamentally for the streets module. The only thing you can't do at the moment is to develop a bus model.

    Not entirely correct: There are no traffic rules at the moment, you can't even tell which lane is for which direction, there are no bus stops, etc. So there's a lot related to bus maps which you can't do yet. But you can already start building the whole scenery.