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    Sorry I have to create a new thread but similar ones have been closed.

    I was playing a multiplayer game and accidentally exit LOTUS without going back to the lobby. When I restart the game, I was issued with the login (221) error. I restarted my computer and also restarted LOTUS several times but still the same error. How can this error be resolved?

    Edit: After a few minutes... It now reconnects after trying for a while.


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    This is just a feature I think is worth implementing for those without head tracking devices.

    In first person view in most games, the player can look around with the mouse without keeping any of the mouse buttons down. They can also interact with objects just by pointing to them with the mouse pointer. This gives a natural feel to look around and interact quickly. It would be a nice feature if something like this can be implemented in LOTUS for both first person and in cab view. There can be an option to always look with the mouse without holding down the middle mouse button. This can allow LOTUS players especially those without any head tracking devices to interact with the game quickly.