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    я надеюсь на несколько скриншотов и видео твоей работы в ближайшее время

    In the LOTUS Simulator for a long time I will have nothing to show, since I took a waiting position in relation to this game. The forum as a whole is not dedicated to the Trainz Railroad Simulator, and showing your developments there within the framework of this particular forum topic is not a good idea.

    были на SVRZ, на основе взгляда KTM-5M3

    In fact, the presented trams from SVRZ are based on the tram 71-608KM. As the author of the project "SVRZ" and the developer of the content included in this project for Trainz Railroad Simulator 2012, I am submitting amendments so that there is no misleading or confusion.

    In addition, I want to thank you for your positive feedback, it is always encouraging. :)