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    New engine?

    Its only an switch to DirectX and not a new engine...

    So i think the answer is no.

    (And x3d works reallly fine...)


    You already said it's an EA. But: It's not the game that EA is, but the tools.
    New features take time. Unfortunately, some don't understand that Oriolus isn't Rockstar or EA Games.
    It takes time to develop certain things.
    And it's not always possible to post pictures of it. It might even not be a good thing to show pictures of things in development.

    Dear John,

    You dont have to answer like this to all treads on this Forum.
    The Boardsoftware has an realy nice feture, when you like someones answer:

    Its like facebook, you can like some answers so you dont has to answer all postings that you like.