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    Me and Fabian13 are "building" a Volvo 8900LE for LOTUS, as you most likely already know ^^

    But in addition to the thread, I've also seen some pictures of MAN Lion's City buses, possibly even some Solaris-related stuff.


    Just making this sure now, will LOTUS support additional controllers such as a steering wheel? (Logitech Driving Force GT) If someone has already asked this, you can just send me the link of the thread and delete this thread :)

    Thanks :)


    The idea that the passengers would open a window or a roof hatchet is more suited for a tourist bus or for an old bus. '

    Thank you for having the time to write all that, fantastic ideas!

    Hey volvorider64 , I like your ideas :)

    In my opinion Wilson , sitting down should be prioritised over standing up e.g. 90% chance of sitting down.

    Also, when it comes to waving for the bus, it should only be on bus stops where the bus doesn't have to stop at without passengers (known as a "Request stop").

    Thank you :), I hope that the passengers in LOTUS get a big upgrade compared to the unrealistic ones in OMSI.


    I didn't know where to put this so I decided to write this here.

    I've got a great idea for the developers. Make realistic passenger interactions!


    - Some of the passengers use their phone to show their ticket (mobile tickets)

    - The passengers shouldnt shout anything like "Oh how on earth are you driving" since that's pretty unrealistic nowadays.

    - Passengers could maybe use their phones while sitting in the bus, maybe look out the window or just maybe read a book.

    - Some passengers with "baby buggies", so they enter via the middle door.

    - The passengers should stand ONLY if there are no seats left, otherwise it's unrealistic.

    - It's gonna be great. Very excited for the bus module!!