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    Its sad that there are basically no news about the Berlin subway

    If someone writes something like this, then his/her research was not good enough. In fact there is a good amount spread around this topic.

    Marcel posted this in the forums: LOTUS-Simulator - Blender Screenshots

    Marcel posted as I mentioned various pictures on Instagram

    Additional it is only a timespan of 4 months from the last "bigger" patch. So why are the expections so high that now something new is ready? The last patches also took around 5-7 months
    As we already know the development of LOTUS is not the fastest. But asking for an status and expect to get every week some updates are the real unnessary thing here.

    And I am tired of this shit. But maybe its better if we left the questions unanswered. And yes, next time I will read this and let it unanswered before I am spreading a toxic answer.

    Thanks for your feedback, I try to change my behavior in the future, really.

    Here a example of the encoding in this field:

    In this case we use the Bus line 78910 as example:

    A A
    AB AB
    (#) 78910
    A(#) A78910
    (L2-R1) 8910
    A(L2-R1) A8910
    X(L1-L3) X789
    Y(L4-R1) Y10
    A(#)Z A78910Z


    can you please provide some screenshots, so we are able to reproduce the situation?

    I assume you are working in the content tool? There you need to set an Line and a Route as number to enter it in the board computer, but with the special characters column you can overwrite the line number with only letters. After that the boardcomputer will send it to the matrix display and the display will show it up !if the character is supported!

    In many cases only the regular latin alphabet is supported (A-Z, a-z, 0-9, ÄaÖöÜüß), but you can maybe ask the creator to add some more letter or create your own matrix display with your country specific letter accents.

    Maybe it's a little fault in the Map itself. We are currently preparing a performance update, because we/I build less performance-friendly.

    For example: the trees around the Map are all from Vegetation by BLV. This trees are beautiful, but also more detailed. So we decided to switch them with trees by Florian. There are beautiful too but considerably better in performance. Also my building style was at the beginning very unclean. For example: there are a lot of too big polygons and also splines with a length over 100 m. So it is recommended to build with smaller pieces to increase performance. This is all on our ToDo List so maybe try out another Map to have another reference.

    P.S. Thanks for playing our Map :)