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    By the way, I forgot about that topic. How will the tram pantograph crossing with the trolleybus be realized? It's just that in Russia we have special devices (a special part in the future), where "there are holes" for the passage of trolleybus rods. That is, the tram wire goes from the top, and the tram pantograph on the special part. There is a video in the first message, I hope that the tram pantograph will pass the crossing normally? Won't the trolleybus bar hit the invisible tram wire?

    With the bus module.

    Are you planning something? :)

    We are 100% planning a trolleybus for LOTUS. And not only plan, but also do. My friend recently laid out a render of a trolley bus.

    We are also interested in whether there will be functionality for trolleybuses with the output of a bus module?

    Если речь о том, что я думаю, то трамвайно-троллейбусное пересечение будет. По поводу искры, по приезду из Самары подниму эту тему.

    If we are talking about what I think, then there will be a tram-trolleybus intersection. Regarding the spark, upon arrival from Samara I will raise this topic.

    I began to notice for a long time that in LOTUS the time zone is somehow strange. It is simply amazing how it is that at 16:00 in LOTUS it is already late evening, and at 3:00 (night) this morning?

    At the very least, in my region at 4 p.m. this is no longer a late evening. Or until the time zone is set?

    Here such a question arose, and what to do if with Paralax mapping = 0, then the texture of the accordion is not blurry (screenshot No. 1), but if it is greater than 0, then it becomes cloudy (screenshot No. 2). What needs to be set correctly?

    I apologize if this topic was raised here. I'm having problems loading the satellite image in the map editor. That is, on the sides it normally opens the picture, and where the so-called center is located it does not load. How to deal with this problem? Log file attached to the message.

    Marcel Kuhnt Is it possible to modify the category "object"? Well, for example, I put 2 different attachments (connections), and in between the properties you can immediately enter the contact network (the wire). Is it possible? If you do not understand what they mean, you write.

    To be honest I don't know what is not clear. I'm talking about importing the poles as splines and not as sceneryobjects, so you wouldn't have to place them one by one.

    It’s not clear to me, because I don’t know much English, so I asked)

    Now I understand what they mean.

    Poles is the attachment point? Sorry for the question.

    Can you explain the examples in the form of pictures? I just didn’t understand the situation a lot, but I realized that we are talking about the contact network in the form of splines?

    As for the one on the left, everything is the same as in the situation with the lighting of the model. That is, also from 3D Max to Blender in .obj format (in the settings there is a “normal” line), and then from Blender to LOTUS in .x3d format.

    And here, what is on the right - directly from 3D Max to LOTUS.

    Although, I somehow gave Juliana my own accordion and he also did not work for him. Maybe there is a similar situation, as with the lighting texture of the model?

    In general, I want to return to this problem, because I want to load all models from 3D Max to LOTUS.

    What we have now. Yes, we can only add two harmonicas exported from Blender. But this is also not convenient.

    This screenshot shows the work of the accordion: Left done in 3D Max + Blender, on the right in 3D Max. This accordion was made from scratch.

    Maybe in this situation, you also need to add some kind of modifier? Julian , I understand that you did not tell the whole process. Maybe at the time of the harmonica creation you applied something to the object? And can this either be shown on video, or described in an article?

    I don't understand that sentence... :S

    Er meint wahrscheinlich dass die Blätter (leaves) die Bäume weniger detailliert sein sollen, aber das erklärt sich mir auch noch nicht ?/

    So karadamir what do you mean with that leaves let the rees be less detailed?

    I asked about the leaves (leaves). How much need to detail? That is, I saw that the trunk and branches of the trees should be voluminous, unlike the leaves.

    Didn't you just try it out? If I would be at your position, I just would press all buttons and check out what happens! ;-)

    Yes, just select the object, press this button and you will get your LOD version.

    Clicked, just nothing happened. Therefore, I clarified. You must first select the object and then click on this button or simply click on the LOD version button.

    Well, everything is clear, the problem is solved. These models will be released in a large pack.

    But the nickname would advise to change, and then many will be associated with the Russian^^