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    Honestly, many people ask me about paid content from OZMT. To some extent, yes, it would make sense and earn some money, even though I am now officially and nowhere else working. But in fact, I want a lot of people to know about OZMT and use my work for free. All that I specifically do according to my plan is 100% free work and I myself want to ride a simulator on my models. Yes, I'm waiting for the moment when it will be possible to skate on multiplayer.

    Besides, for my part only models. If there were money now, I would thank the user Kira , who really thanks for the help with the script.

    With the help of GT6N did not check. But this problem has long been stretching, that is, when the cars used the same data as the pantograph from GT6N. In addition, the GT6N in some parts of the map will not work for me due to the fact that it has a maximum height of 5.5 meters.

    In general, the other seemed strange to me, and this is almost every time I find such a problem. Previously, I just removed this area and re-hung the wire. That is, this method helped and helps now.

    And today I climbed into the wire spline menu - clicked on the item "Height relative to the ground" and the pantograph no longer goes down.

    At the same time, there is a neighboring section (made before the update and never touched it), where this tick was not checked and everything is fine. I myself can not understand this error, because of what it appears.

    It was at this turn that there was no wire. Today hung from scratch.

    If you need to remove the contact wire on the entire map and re-hang it - well.

    I hung a small area, after the new update, and still the same problem that I described here. Yes, yes, this is a hung area from scratch.
    Again, the topic of the problem to open?

    Well, I rather want to finish the remaining three models. In fact, OZMT-17M is left to bake the texture, OZMT-19D to finish the second cabin and bake, well, and then lastly OZMT-13. But while there is a desire to convert OZMT-19D, since I want to test the work of two cabins with articulated bats.

    The OZMT-19D has a version with one cabin, it above appeared in the sea (turquoise) color.

    There will be the translation for the English section soon.

    Description in English about the addon itself?

    We said, there will be a special AI controlled Munich Christmas Tram for everyone who purchased the EA-version.

    I will try to buy this addon, but I am interested in the price in rubles. For the game itself in the Euro and the ruble is very different (like 70% cheaper with us).

    That is, it turns out that it will be possible to set the route for the car if there is an AI controller and it will move along it?

    I understand that the output of this mod is to simultaneously exit the AI (bots to control trams) and passengers? Just did not understand what "KI-ChristKindlTram" means. Can you explain or is it all addon secrets?

    By the way, for Russia what will be the price?

    All-all, I saw. Well, I just hid it. Returned back. Hid at the time of the test to check the texture on other models.

    During testing a certain range of serious problems with textures due to separately laid out OZMT-10 and OZMT-18M.

    I removed them completely, in the future there will be a big pack of all models.

    I continue to work, built a new branch exclusively for cars with two cabins. How to finish the branch and the car itself, then we will release it.

    To be honest, this problem had to be addressed before. I cannot understand why, every time you hang up a contact network, some of the section starts to fail and then you have to hang it up again.

    My retainer is made in the form of an object in the category "Rails", the wire is defaulted.

    Here is a video of this event. I wanted to fix this bug, well, or explained that doing it wrong.

    And I noticed one more thing, that if the wire is attached to an object, it does not get caught. Maybe for the contact network, it makes sense to make an exception? I just want to suggest an improvement on the contact network, since the wire is formally attached to the retainer. Yes, I do not argue that you are using in the form of a spline, but this is not much, although the supports in the objects lie.

    Well, another video is after I edited it. And still, in one area, the pantograph also just goes down.

    SORGI , thank you.

    Are you planning T3SU? I may be finding people from Russia where T3SU travels to take photos for materials. If you will do other modifications T3, please contact.

    Besides, I have in stock (archive) T6B5. Then I plan to do the conversion to LOTUS.

    But what I just noticed was the coloring from Olomouc. I have always liked this color, just at OZMT-18M is now about this)

    And so, ask for help, we still have a lot of Tatras in Russia, and I have many friends who did the Tatras for Trainz.