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    Thank you for this honest yet appreciating feedback once in a while! :)


    It seems it does not like Intel Graphics

    That's right. We are planning to address that bug after leaving the EA.


    The game freezes when I go to preferences in-game.

    We are indeed working on a bug fix that may solve this issue as well. We will see (and hope).


    How do I move on the free camera view?

    Sometimes I am not able to recite hot keys that I use a thousand times a day out of my head. But I guess it was middle mouse button with modifiers (Shift? Control?).


    The way you write values in the options, like the max fps, it's a little difficult.

    Which kind of difficult?


    I don't understand what does the big central button that says "configure your appearance in the simulator".

    You will (!) be able to configure your character as it appears in the simulation. May be interesting for self-screenshots and of course the multiplayer, since other players will see your config as well.

    Glad to hear you are doing well for the rest.




    - Simulation: Performance optimization when many multiplayer buses are in a game

    - Simulation: splash screen at program start

    - Simulation: Alternative camera control added: You can now also work with the right mouse button; then the following combinations apply:

    * Right mouse button + Shift = Pan

    * Right mouse button + Ctrl = move horizontally (F4 view only)

    * Right mouse button + Shift + Ctrl = move vertically

    * Right mouse button without anything = still secondary function of the control elements

    - Simulation - Bugfix: Problems with initialization of other cars in the own train

    - Simulation - Bugfix: Almex crash on PIS without routes is prevented

    - ContentTool: New building category "fire brigade"

    - ContentTool: "InitReadyForMovement" now also works in the modules

    - Content - DL: VEHICLE_ROLLING is now sent

    - Content - DL: ATBUSSTOP informs the ticket printer that it appears to have stopped at a stop (in the case of the DL, the stop brake is used)

    - Content - DL: Almex printer can now enter special characters - for this purpose, the special character code in "L/S/K mode" as the second character after the line.

    - Content - GT6N: New viewing directions in the driver's compartment "left" and "diagonally left"

    - Content - GT6N - Bugfix: If you "touch" any controller (which does not affect the setpoint generator), the setpoint generator position was reset to 0.

    - Content - GT6N - Bugfix: Show error when displaying the topmost stop in the "total list"

    - Content: Bus PIS of Steven updated

    - Content: Objects of Yufa updated


    - Content - DL: It is now possible to assign throttle and brake as single axes (and do not have to be set as "combined")

    - Content - DL: Hints (help) for incorrect operation


    Patch 051 will be released shortly. With this patch you will be able to verify online if you own the modules (Rails or Streets). The online verification is done once and remains valid for 7 days, then it will be done again. At the moment it is in test mode - so please send us feedback in time if something is not working for you, so that we can fix the problems.