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    Maybe it would be a good idea to not only add these few letters, but define a standard for new fonts that includes all latin letters as well as most local special characters.

    According to this proposal, I'd like to collect the minimum required letters from different regions. Feel free to add your demands and let's collect.

    :flag_gb: Patch 1.EA.092

    Passenger information, passenger information everywhere!

    :NewFeature: Simulation: SAS (stationary announcement system) introduced. The system will include 14.000 voice modules, including all possible train types, times, train numbers, destinations - all freely configurable and in future also controllable in multiplayer from the control centre. What already works: Arrival and stand-by announcements, delay, connections, general announcements, "Continue as...". Feedback welcome! And the system is far from finished - more about that in the future! :)

    :NewFeature: Simulation: Extensive support for passenger information systems

    :NewFeature: Simulation: Timetables in multiplayer - so far rudimentary and not yet stitch-proof, improvements to follow!

    :NewFeature: Simulation: Passengers get off or do not get on if the outside displays show either a "service" destination or the PIS destination of the track/station where the train stops.

    :NewFeature: Simulation - Timetables: Track number added to timetable information

    :NewFeature: MapEditor: New button "centre" in the entrypoints window, with which you can jump to the marked entrypoint on the map

    :NewFeature: MapEditor - Timetables: In the trip window, the course number is added in front of the tour number, if applicable.

    :NewFeature: ContentTool: Objects can be configured as "only visible in MapEditor"

    :Bugfix: ContentTool: Problems if the ending of textures was not completely written in small letters (e.g. "*.DDS" instead of "*.dds")

    :NewFeature: Content: New, much more varied house spline

    :NewFeature: Content: Heaps of BaseAddons from Alper, Yufa, Steven, Panda, Tene - see here

    :NewFeature: Content: Diorama updated

    You can continue writing in English.

    The behaviour you are describing is how we intended it to work. As far as I understood, you want a complete "normal" picture to be rendered during using the VR glasses?

    As I linked above, have a look into the mirror function of the Oculus itself.


    Please keep making backups of your work!

    :NewFeature: :NewFeature: :NewFeature: First publication of timetables. We are not finished yet, but need your feedback for the completion, so test diligently and report to us! :)

    What works:

    • Creation of stations with tracks and stops
    • Creation of routes with outward and return direction as well as through tracks, with automatic route finding
    • Different trip time profiles
    • Pre-planning of traffic days (weekdays, date ranges, public holidays, etc.)
    • Definition of routes with line and route code
    • Definition of trips with trip number, start time and individual trips times as well as deviating through tracks if necessary
    • Definition of lines with courses
    • Introduction of a 2D map for the above planning
    • Timetable selection in single player game
    • Display of next stops and deviation from target time in the game (Ctrl+T)
    • First script queries, see below
    • Tour plans
    • Consideration of traffic days in the game

    Coming up next:

    • Script query timetable times and delay
    • Individual import of public holidays and holiday periods
    • Creation of timetables outside the map in question, as a "mod"
    • Placing a new vehicle dependent on the chosen timetable
    • Timetable and passengers in multiplayer

    Special thanks to our timetable gurus:

    We know that the new timetable feature is very extensive. It is going to be an all-in-one solution that is supposed to be able to map (almost) all real relevant requirements. For this reason, there is no quick way to create a "simple" line. We will document the functions in detail when everything is finished. Until then, we have created a cookbook entry for first tests, which should make the first steps for your own maps easier. Detailed documentation will follow!

    :NewFeature: Simulation - Multiplayer: The number of users actually still in the game is displayed in the game overview.

    :NewFeature: Simulation: Minor redesign of the ALT menu

    :Bugfix: Simulation: Possible reason for not quitting LOTUS after closing fixed

    :Bugfix: Simulation - Multiplayer: If you join a game afterwards, controls that are not activated, such as vehicle or entry point selection, are hidden instead of just deactivated

    :Bugfix: Simulation: When using Quickstart to load the last situation no further vehicles could be placed

    :Bugfix: Simulation: With preset module slots on the vehicle, the modules were reset when a constant was changed.

    :Bugfix: Simulation: In-game the last selected entry point is preselected

    :Bugfix: Simulation: Ingame the last selected PIS is preselected

    :Bugfix: Simulation: PIS files now in alphabetical order

    :Bugfix: Simulation: When selecting a traction the n+1st vehicle now has repaints in the list

    :NewFeature: Simulation - Multiplayer: Game master can change the time of the game even during the running game

    :NewFeature: Simulation: New option to invert the sign of the delay display in the game (Ctrl+T)

    :NewFeature: Simulation: In-game alarm clock can now also be set automatically at the next departure time

    :NewFeature: Simulation: New start parameter -instantquickstart causes LOTUS to press the quickstart button immediately after starting. Mostly this is the last map with the last vehicle at the last entry point at the last or current time (depending on the option). This way you get into the game a bit faster when testing.

    :Bugfix: Simulation: Vehicle selection no longer jumps back to "Tram" if, for example, a "Locomotive" was previously selected.

    :NewFeature: Simulation: The playtime for workshop items is now tracked. This applies to vehicles, modules, repaints, FIS and maps - so far. Everything else must have been uploaded to the workshop once with the current ContentTool in order to be tracked.

    :Bugfix: Simulation: Lag reduced when changing vehicles to vehicles with many modules or constants.

    :Bugfix: Simulation: Long loading times for timetable selection

    :Bugfix: Simulation: Improvement of the loading time of the multiplayer games overview

    :NewFeature: :NewFeature: :NewFeature: MapEditor: Timetable logics implemented. This feature is extremely extensive and needs to be tested extensively. Feel free to ask for any help at any time, gladly also here in the NB thread.

    :NewFeature: MapEditor - Timetables: The start parameter -UseSimplePen ensures that the 2D window is drawn with a simpler technology, thus avoiding possible incompatibilities e.g. in Windows emulators.

    :NewFeature: MapEditor: Deep intervention in road construction

    :NewFeature: MapEditor: If you right-click on a curved line (reference line, routing element, spline, etc.), you get the option that the MapEditor constructs an alternative curve with transition arcs.

    :NewFeature: MapEditor - Timetables: Traffic days set for courses are applied for vehicle parts, if they are not already assigned to another traffic day (then they are

    :NewFeature: Simulator/MapEditor - Routes: Activation tracks can now be added to routes. If a vehicle is on such a track, then either, if it does not have a timetable set according to LOTUS, a corresponding route marked with a new option is inserted, or, if a timetable is set and if the vehicle is less than 2 minutes early, the appropriate route is inserted. This is how the principle is implemented, according to which, among others, railway interlockings work, where no device on the vehicle side is necessary, but an appropriately configured automatic or dispatcher ensures that the correct routes are set.

    :NewFeature: ContentTool: The script can determine whether the vehicle is on a certain route and if so, whether it is on a station track and what this station is called. The distance between two stations along a route can also be measured.

    :NewFeature: ContentTool: Nightalpha brightness 244 now means that the night texture in the area marked in this way should always be lit, especially during the day, see here

    :NewFeature: ContentTool: Import of textures can be started via command line: -t:{path}#{Start-ContentSubID}

    :Bugfix: ContentTool: Problem when creating new rails (circularity of selection windows) fixed

    :NewFeature: ContentTool: Name and description of workshop items can now be bilingual

    :NewFeature: ContentTool: Changenotes can now be entered when uploading workshops

    :NewFeature: ContentTool - Workshop: Now supports the display of the visibility state "not listed"

    :Bugfix: ContentTool: Vehicle module presets can now be loaded into the workshop. To do so, they must be located in the MyContent directory.

    :NewFeature: ContentTool - Workshop: Support of Unicode (name, description, patchnotes, container names, image names, what else?), still partly untested

    :NewFeature: ContentTool: Gloss switched off by default

    :NewFeature: ContentTool: It is now saved which content is in which workshop item. With this information a search function for content can be implemented later and it will be possible to subscribe to the corresponding workshop from within LOTUS for an incompatible multiplayer game, if it is known.

    :NewFeature: ContentTool - PIS groups: declaration of an ITCS server added

    :NewFeature: Content: Diorama equipped with the new functions

    :NewFeature: Content: Working lore added by Steven3233 , Pandemist and Yufa. Have fun playing!

    :NewFeature: Content: Traffic signs from Yufa.

    :NewFeature: Content: Buildings and objects from Pandemist

    :NewFeature: Content: kerb height 22cm, transition 15cm => 22cm and back, transition 0cm => 5cm and back and transition 0cm => 15cm and back.

    :NewFeature: Content: More BaseAddon patch notes here: Presentations

    Known bug:…-you-press-single-player/

    Hey, LOTUS costs ~50USD and is, except for EUR, converted by Steam automatically to every other supported currency.

    I understand your point (I guess), but Sales are not planned to be offered during EA. The reason is, in short, that we do not want to encourage people to buy LOTUS during the EA because of a discount, but for other reasons, like the intention to take part in its development or influence the development or because of plans to create addons, etc.

    So if you think the price is too high, wait until the EA is over and from this time we may take part in Sales events.

    Thanks for sending. I had a look, from LOTUS side everything worked fine except for the reservation part. I will have a look on my own why this may have happened.

    For your specific problem - I could offer to simply delete your tiles. So you are able to start from scratch. If I should do it, just tell me.

    Now this looks like a bug to me...

    As far as I see, there are 10 500 tiles ("Székesfehérvár"), reserved by your TeamID via your account. So you in the team should be able to delete them. I will have a deeper look.

    Could you send me your map please? Use :pack: in the Map Editor after loading the map and send me the created ZIP file as well as the container of your map, if you already created one, which is located in your MyContent folder in the LOTUS directory. The container may be older, I just want to have a look into its header.

    Edit: Send it in the private forum if you want: Private Unterhaltungen mit der Forenleitung

    And you can upload it here: