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    Dear ones,

    as promised, the public beta test of the multiplayer starts today, on the first birthday of the LOTUS-EA. For this purpose all players will be activated between 18 and 19 o'clock. :)

    As is so inherent in the multiplayer, it has been a great team achievement in recent weeks until today. 12 players have agreed to test the already existing functions of the multiplayer for weeks. Most of the recently fixed bugs are on their own. ;)

    Today about 30 players volunteered for the very last tests and finally found out: We can get started! So we did that. The important thing is: It's a beta test! The multiplayer is NOT finished (it lacks the complete implementation of the companies, it lacks the control center, radio - and certainly you will find more). I'll try that the smaller features and bugfixes come along quickly. Nevertheless: We think (hope) that you will have a lot of fun with each other now. :)

    Today's surprises from the team:

    Yufa has worked many hours and made an alternative map to the Diorama fit for the multiplayer. On this map even large groups should find enough space. This map was also prepared for you together with the multiplayer beta testers.

    gt670dn and Steven3233 have createda tutorial for the multiplayer, which should make the first steps easier for you. It's German.

    darkrai has prepared our discord server for you (voice and text chat for your ride together) and will take part in some trips today and stream them live. So if you want to be on TV, you should stick to him. :D

    In addition, everyone who is already familiar with multiplayer will accompany you throughout the evening and stand by you so that you "get through" well. :)

    We wish you a lot of fun and are quite excited.

    Best regards

    Janine and all who keep their fingers crossed.

    :lotus: :manocornuta:


    - Simulation - Bugfix: "a_ground" should now work in all cars of the train - please test

    - Simulation - Bugfix: Access violation after closing LOTUS removed

    - Simulation - Bugfix: Hints of the Alt-menu repaired

    Show me your graphics options (comfortably with screenshots, if possible, and for LOTUS crash's sake before loading a map) please and some information about your PC running LOTUS (a simple logfile from "now" as well as information about your processor, RAM, graphics card and operating system). Will have a quick look.

    The LOTUS Birthday-of-EA Patch

    Dear Ones, we are approaching the first birthday of :lotus: Early Access. If we leaf back through the patches of the past year, a lot has happened. We can only thank our addon developers, beta testers, players and admirers a thousand and one times! Thanks for all the support, the encouragement, the error messages, the biting through and the numerous beautiful screenshots - we love our simulator and we won't stop improving it with and for you! :)

    On the occasion of this birthday there is a huge update of the Munich addon that you shouldn't miss, traffic light requests in LOTUS and - finally - the start of the public beta test of the LOTUS multiplayer. Addon update and patch will be available today, with the multiplayer we start with a joint ride on this Sunday - the day after tomorrow! - right when the Early Access really has a birthday. :)

    The following features await you with today's patch, version 1.EA.043:

    - Simulation/MapEditor/ContentTool: "Simple" traffic light requests are now possible and can already be tested on the Diorama map!

    - Simulator: Small Performance Improvement (FPS)

    - Simulation: If you switch from the F4 view to the F1 or F2 view and then back again to the F4 view, LOTUS "remembers" the old F4 camera perspective (but not if the train crossed a tile boundary in between). - You may still need some adjustments!

    - Simulation - Bugfix: TimeOfDay should not become negative after 23:57:10 now

    - Simulation - Bugfix: Clickspots "move" in F2 view at longitudinal inclinations

    - Simulation/ContentTool: Adjustable rolling drag (basic drag and curve drag). It can be adjusted in the "Object settings" at the bottom (two new parameters).

    - MapEditor: Reduction of visibility possible for better performance

    - MapEditor: Further performance optimizations

    - MapEditor: Additional logfile entries for Tabley-Kun 's bug

    - MapEditor/ContentTool: Complex signals now possible - on the one hand those that light up under more complex conditions (e.g. W0) or that can display several terms (combined optics or several optics in one housing etc.)

    - ContentTool: Four new script commands for reading the FIS routes:

    * procedure PIS_GenerateTempRouteListByLine(self: integer; line: integer): integer; - Creates an internal temporary list of route indexes containing all routes belonging to the line "line

    * procedure PIS_SortTempRouteList(self: integer); - Sorts the internal list by route code

    * function PIS_GetTempRouteListCount(self: integer): integer; - Returns the number of internal list elements

    * function PIS_GetTempRouteListItemIndex(self: integer; templistindex: integer): integer; - This can be used to output the route index at the "templistindex" position of the temporary route list.

    - ContentTool: New sound property "Random start position if endless sound". This is active by default (this corresponds to the previous playback behavior). If it is switched off, the sound (if it is an endless sound) always starts at the beginning of the sample (if it was stopped before) or at the place where the sound was played before (if it was paused before, see below).

    - ContentTool: If the control variable of a loop sound is assigned via script "-2", then it is not stopped (i.e. the sound position is reset to 0) but paused, so that it continues at the previous position when restarted.

    - Content - Signals: There are various signal boards (St2, W14, stopping boards, speed signals) as well as a universal, white switch status display, which also supports any number of terms in one optic (to be configured as a complex signal) and an optic, with which all digits from 1 to 15 can be displayed (also to be configured as a complex signal). In addition, suspensions for the overhead line have been added.

    - Content: W0 is prepared for complex signal logic

    - Content - GT6N: The GT6N now has rolling and curve drag. The intensity has to be fine-tuned.

    - Content - GT6N: Switching command is still sent over the full 100m even if a beacon has been passed in between

    - Content - GT6N: The train now sends a message of the type "VEHICLE_ROLLING" to the on-board computer as soon as it starts rolling (value = 1) or stops (value = 0).

    - Content - GT6N: Sends "SWITCH_SEND_ACTIVE" to IBIS, where Value = 0 means that the 100m the turnout signal has been sent have "expired" and Value = 1 means that the 100m have just started.

    - Content - GT6N/IBIS: Sends the wagon number with "INITSTRING" to the IBIS, which transmits it as a string in case the IBIS is reset.

    - Content - IBIS => Flipdot: Broadcast "PIS"/"OFFSTRING", which transmits a string that overwrites the normal line/destination representation on the matrix.

    - Content - diorama FIS file: Line 444 added with Route 1, which represents the operational ride

    Dear community,

    it is planned in respect of the release of the Bus module to begin with the programming of the AI (hence traffic and pedestrians).

    At first we implement the paths, which have to be laid by the map builders. The vehicles and pedestrians can move along those paths. Then, the detection of the vehicles among themselves will be implemented, to avoid collisions between each other, then first traffic rules, later of course the schedules, ... As already announced, the implementation of the complete AI will take several months.

    The simple AI contains the driving along paths, the vehicle detection among each other and very first traffic rules.

    We want to know if you prefer to get that simple AI as soon as possible, or if you wish that, instead, we use 1 or 2 months to optimize and improve the performance in LOTUS, before we even start with AI.

    Thanks for your participation!



    [area]: Budapest

    [manufacturer]: MÁVAG, Gép- és Vasútfelszerelési Gyár

    Added - arriving with next patch. :)

    [real name]: type V, type M II, type P III, type L VII, type EP, type S

    Real names are intended to provide a quick look and find for vehicles that are less known with their "real" model number, but widely known with their nickname oder short name. Your type list does not look like it ?/ How are those names connected with your models?

    [operator]: BKV, BKVT, BVVV, BHÉV, BSzKRT

    Since I am not used to the Budapest operators, I have to ask: Which are important, which are the ones a player would search for in search for your vehicles?

    We will add a feature where you can better manage your reservations, including deleting it etc. It may take some time, but I will notifiy you in the forum when it's done. :)