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    Patch 1.EA.099

    ATTENTION: Due to the passenger revision, it must be defined for all vehicles in the ContentTool for all doors whether they are pure entrances, exits or combined entrances/exits. OTHERWISE THE PASSENGERS WILL NO LONGER WORK!

    :NewFeature: Simulation: Passengers also use AI trains (but the boarding behaviour is still provisional!)

    :Bugfix: Simulation: Major revision of the passengers! This was mainly done internally and with regard to passengers in multiplayer. Old bugs might have disappeared, new ones might appear... In case of a bug, please report it!

    :NewFeature: Simulation: Train category, train name/number, line and/or course are displayed in the Ctrl+T information.

    :Bugfix: Simulation: boarding passengers no longer wait for disembarking passengers if they are still far away from the door.

    :Bugfix: Simulation: Procedure "TimetableGetTripAndTourIndexByLineCourseDate" sometimes did not keep to the correct traffic day

    :NewFeature: MapEditor - Timetables: Tours can be named and automatic numbering can be activated if desired.

    :NewFeature: MapEditor: Master button for origin filters at the top right, which ensures that only base content is displayed (all workshop and addon checks off)

    :NewFeature: MapEditor: Add calculation of transition arcs for simple circular arcs to switch calculator

    :NewFeature: MapEditor: Save(:mapsave::mapsavenopack:)-blocking during initialisation can be deactivated via start parameter -nosaveblocking.

    :NewFeature: MapEditor: Save warning tone can be switched off (options)

    :NewFeature: MapEditor - Timetables: Filter possibility in the timetable list according to name (according to date, however, not yet possible!)

    :Bugfix: MapEditor/ContentTool: Parameter window maximum height slightly smaller

    :Bugfix: MapEditor: Set to "unsaved" when adjusting path traffic densities or editing the wagon sequence

    :Bugfix: MapEditor: Human polygons and street paths disappeared.

    :Bugfix: MapEditor: Mirrored splines had no end polygons

    :Bugfix: MapEditor: Crash when trying to rotate mapping on multiple polygons at once

    :Bugfix: MapEditor: If you laid a new polygon and never deselected it, then clicked on new polygon and immediately cancelled with right mouse button, the previously already laid polygon was deleted.

    :NewFeature: MapEditor - Routes: IDs of the districts and routes can be copied to the clipboard via button

    :NewFeature: ContentTool: For doors it can be set whether they are pure entrances, pure exits or combined entrances and exits! THIS MUST ALSO BE EXPLICITLY SET FOR EXISTING DOORS!

    :NewFeature: ContentTool: With the procedures SRT_Request(Self, groupId, routeId: integer); and SRT_Deactivate(Self, groupId, routeId: integer); these can be requested or resolved by specifying the IDs of the route group and route. For SRT_Deactivate, -1 can also be passed as routeId, in which case all routes of this route group are resolved. The necessary IDs of the route groups and routes can now also be read in the route dialogue box.

    :NewFeature: ContentTool: Whether passengers are standing in a respective door ("light barrier") can be checked via the variable to be declared DoorOccupied_#.

    :NewFeature: ContentTool: The variables DoorEntryAvailable_# and DoorExitAvailable_# allow the respective door to "disappear" (by setting them to "false"). The doors are then no longer "seen" by the passengers.

    :NewFeature: ContentTool: The variables DoorEntryReleased_# and DoorExitReleased_# make it possible to mark doors as "released". If a passenger is standing in front of a locked door, he or she no longer looks for open doors, but also for released doors, as he or she then assumes that he or she can open them. ( ;) )

    :NewFeature: Content: Berlin map can now be driven to Brandenburg Gate including AI car traffic, stops, traffic lights and basic street lighting up to there. Also timetables for the :busleft: 100 Alexanderplatz <=> Brandenburger Tor, many thanks to Teneberus for the preparatory work, which we just had to type out! ;-)

    :NewFeature: Content - GT6N and ND313: Adapted to the new passenger technology

    :NewFeature: Content - GT6N: Light switch direct control with the events FrontLightOff, FrontLightPark, FrontLightDim, FrontLightDimToggle, FrontLightFull and FrontLightFullToggle, directional reverser direct control with Reverser0, ReverserI, ReverserV and ReverserR, also PantographToggle integrated

    :NewFeature: Content: New traffic light poles in Unter den Linden style

    :NewFeature: Content: Behaviour of the F0 signal can be inverted via start variable

    :NewFeature: Content: Beautiful art nouveau style street light for Unter den Linden

    :NewFeature: Content: Many, many BaseAddons updated, see here :)


    Attention: Please create map backups!!!

    :NewFeature: Simulation: Update of the Steam API to the current version. According to the current status, there are problems with it under Linux. Dear Linux users, please contact us so that we can investigate the problem more closely.

    :Bugfix: Simulation: Tour list sorted by departure time in multiplayer (in the configuration of the game)

    :NewFeature: Simulation: Buildings higher than 50m are not subject to the visibility limit. At the moment they are still only visible if their tile is loaded and displayed; but this will be changed later for *really* large visibility ranges of tall objects! :-)

    :NewFeature: Tool - LOTUS Typewriter added. This tool can be used to create the bitmap for a new bitmap font by simply selecting a font and size and typing in the characters to be included in the font. Examples of use: Displays, stop texts, street signs.

    :Bugfix: MapEditor: The thinking second(s) after finishing splines (strongly?) reduced (final left click). Attention: Due to this change it could happen that the drawing (rendering) order of overlapping but not intersecting splines with the same priority and the same category (terrain, marker or normal), changes. However, this is completely irrelevant for normal and terrain splines, as the render order usually has no effect here. At most, crossing marker splines or polygons could look slightly different, as long as they do not intersect.

    :NewFeature: Content - Berlin: The streets, pavements, tram tracks, street lights, traffic lights, stops, AI car and pedestrian paths of the first kilometre of the 100 (:O: - :busleft:) from the final stop Memhardstraße to the intersection of Karl-Liebknecht-Straße and Spandauer Straße as well as another kilometre around it, especially the connection to Hackescher Markt via Spandauer Straße, were completely rebuilt. In this context, a not entirely unimportant building has also been added... ;-) Further development will follow, of course!

    :Bugfix: Content - Berlin: A few bugfixes to the existing part, especially height problems of the pedestrians.

    :NewFeature: Content: New light types, new buildings

    :NewFeature: Content: Update BaseAddons, see here

    Server update:

    :Bugfix: AI no longer drives on the same tour as a player vehicle (no more duplicate vehicles). However, if the player disconnects, the AI cannot currently take the tour again. This will be implemented within another big feature ;)


    ATTENTION: Due to the change in saving the map and the new split of the map backups, please create a backup of a map immediately after loading it before continuing to work on it!

    :NewFeature: Simulation: The ingame clock (Ctrl+C) can be moved to a separate window - just press the small black button next to the clock. Will be implemented for the ingame timetable too, but is not finished yet. With a click on the clock on the separate window it can be inverted.

    :NewFeature: Simulation: Workshop item search in the splash screen can be prevented with the start parameter -noWScheck. Please use only to save time and with common sense, not in general. No liability will be accepted for consequential damage ;)

    :NewFeature: MapEditor - Additional data is stored in the working directory, so that loading and saving the tiles in the MapEditor (only there!) takes a little longer, but the initialisation time is much shorter.

    :NewFeature: MapEditor - When backing up, zip files larger than 1 GB are split up so that the individual zip files are smaller than 1 GB.

    :NewFeature: Content: Lots of new BaseContent from our dear developers, see patch notes here.

    :NewFeature: Content - GT6N: Now supports FIS announcements with composite blocks

    :NewFeature: Content: New buildings

    I have bought Düsseldorf DLC today, so now I have it! ;)


    As far as I know, the timetable update of Dusseldorf is not yet public, so if you agree with playing w/o schedule, we could play a game at 18:00 CEST today.

    I will open a lobby a few minutes before - everybody is welcome.

    Hey, we've encountered some issues with the schedules and scheduled AI yesterday and I would like to fix them first, before we launch another big session. Hope you understand that :)