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    **** PLEASE NOTE: Important changes to the map and vehicle file format! Please make backups :pack:! ****

    - Simulation: Setting up vehicle constants is now possible

    - Simulation: More precise log entries concerning taking screenshots

    - MapEditor: From now on, bridges are possible! Please stick by the lexicon article exactly! :) The function :refreshmt: from now on works only with the layer set in the tool bar.

    - MapEditor: Vehicle lists for entrypoints and (later) AI, as well, added.

    - MapEditor: Further properties of entrypoints can now be configured: gauge, length and power supply, as well as the assignment of vehicle lists for the three magic buttons in the Singleplayer config (random vehicle etc.) added

    - MapEditor - Bugfix: Preview images could not be saved

    - MapEditor: F5 key removed

    - ContentTool: Vehicle constants can now be configured - those will be used by vehicle creators to configure fine distinct details between vehicles of - usual - the same type, for example an additional middle entry, etc.

    - ContentTool: In the vehicle filter, entrypoint compatibility can be set up as well (power supply), so that if the user limits his vehicle filter to the entrypoint compatible vehicle, this value will be used. The gauge is used as well, but currently not the length.

    - ContentTool: The variables "veh_number" (car number) and "veh_registration" are now set by the simulator and can be used in the script. Vehicle creators can now use them to define number-dependend designs and defects.

    - ContentTool: Introduction of the script procedure "InitializeAfterConstSet", which is called after the vehicle constants, car number and registration have been set.

    - ContentTool: Module communication via broadcasts added (see lexicon).

    - Content - GT6N: Car number added

    - Content - GT6N: PIS display in all cars added

    - Content - GT6N: PIS module communcation changed to the new broadcast commands - addon modules have to be reconfigured!

    - Content: Texture patch Audi, to remove the white gap on mipmaps

    - Content: Yufas container updated

    - Content: TrafficLight_1_gr_F3.lob repaired

    - Content: Further Berlin buildings and a small wall :)

    - Content: Correction of the lash lamps (?), they should now light with switched of detail light sourced, as well (container from Rolf)

    - Language: New entries!


    We scheduled a large patch for presumably Thursday. We ask you to make precautious backups of your work in the Content-Tool and the Map-Editor, since the patch brings a lot of bigger changes.

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    If karadamir did not deliver his tram to you by hisself, you probably subscribed to it in the workshop. So you could either unsubscribe, or repair the game files via Steam, which should repair the Workshop content, as well.

    Did you see my second post, as well?

    Sorry, just spotted another possible problem. Neither the Oculus SDK nor the OpenVR SDK could be initialised. Since you are playing with activated VR, there may be an unhandled problem with uninitialised VR starts or something like this. Make sure your VR starts propery or start without -VRon parameter.

    At a first glance it looks like a fault with karadamir's Container. Line 38 tells 19:33:39 - Thread: 39C8 - Error: Handle Events: Header of 5748588:108861814. So maybe you should repair that container and try again.