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    Hey English fellows! ;)

    Which lexicon articles that are not yet translated do you need urgently? I hate the remaining ones equally, so the choice is your's.

    To see missing translations, switch your forum language to English (if not already done), activate both German and English content,

    and look into the articles overview. Not yet translated articles remain German.

    Check them with a translation tool, if needed, and tell me if you think you need them by the next weekends.

    At the same time, there is a German poll running concerning missing/incomplete lexicon articles. The requests made in that poll are not yet finished by us, but if you don't mind, you may add article suggestions here, as well.

    Thanks for your advice! ;)



    - Simulation - loading process could be shortened very much.

    - Simulation - Bugfix: If you didn't stop anywhere when the option "Reload while standing" was active, you almost inevitably drove into the void.

    - MapEditor: For the construction of route elements (when using absolute heights) a gradient can be preselected with which the new elements are laid. If the gradient deviates in the point to which it is docked, a suitable transition piece is constructed.

    - MapEditor: In the track geometry (former switch) calculator you can now also construct track changes with transition curves.

    - MapEditor: When entering numerical parameters when laying reference lines, tracks etc., the transition curve parameter "A" can also be entered directly.

    - Content: Steven's PIS updated

    - Content: Yufa's Container updated

    - Content: Streckenzubehör from Rolf updated


    With this patch we say goodbye due to a small patch summer break until August. For support and hotfixes we are of course still here. :) :sunny:

    - Simulation: In the route overview, the special characters are also listed if the route has one.

    - Simulation: The first destination is entered in the route overview if the route has no stops.

    - MapEditor: Singleplayer maps can now be converted into multiplayer maps. The following applies: Maps with DEM are reserved on the Fictional Planet and are visible in the overview from now on. Later on they can be selected, loaded and driven on in the multiplayer together with other Planet maps. Maps without DEM can also be converted, but are only playable as an individual map in the multiplayer. Have fun! :)

    - MapEditor: MP maps may overlap now - so everyone can reserve a map whereever he wants to.

    - MapEditor - Bugfix: Problems when changing tile reservations

    - ContentTool - FIS: FEATURE REMOVED: In the special FIS no more stops or routes can be added or edited

    - ContentTool - FIS: When editing stops / destinations no permanent update after each character

    - ContentTool - FIS: The general additional strings as well as those of stations, routes and route stops can now alternatively be edited in a separate, resizable/maximizable window

    - ContentTool - Bugfix: With special FIS files there was sometimes no save prompt

    - Content: Stevens PIS updated

    - Content: Vegetation update from Florian


    - Content: Streckenzubehoer container of Rolf updated. Some material settings changed! If your map looks strange at some places, please recalculate the tiles.

    - Content: Stevens PIS updated


    - Simulation - Multiplayer: Now with AI! We especially thank Teneberus , Steven3233 , darkrai and gt670dn for countless hours on Dusseldorf to finish this feature.

    - Simulation - Multiplayer: Traffic density and number of cars now adjustable by the game master. Don't set the AI too high, for some computers it is too much ;)

    - Simulation: Small performance improvement (influence on the FPS only under certain conditions)

    - Simulation - Bugfix: Signals have switched wrong in some cases (e.g. with the Basecontent universal switch signal the W1, if you have assigned multiple routes to the W0)

    - Simulation - Bugfix: Black GT6N rear parts (and possibly other similar effects), especially on the "other" in multiplayer

    - Simulation - Bugfix: Although vehicles were switched to "invisible", they were partially displayed in the vehicle selection

    - Simulation - Bugfix: "Old" electric switchs in multiplayer (e.g. on Hamburg) work now

    - Simulation - Bugfix: MP/KI cars had no curve squeaking sound

    - Simulation: Temporarily added an interim PIS display, can be activated by option

    - MapEditor - Bugfix: Invisible tracks could not be laid

    - MapEditor: Tracks can no longer be deleted in "street mode", only marked (for the traffic lights)

    - ContentTool: New script function: "function RegEx(Input: string; Pattern: string): boolean", tests strings for a certain format

    - ContentTool: New script function: "function RegExReplace(Input: string; Pattern: string; Replacement: string): string"

    - Content: Stevens PIS updated

    - Content: Flipdot display - various bug fixes

    - Content: Green traffic light poles (Pole and Whip) added

    - Content: Update of Florian's containers

    1.) Why isn't the game cheaper since it is in EA?

    --> We do not want to encourage people to get the game because it's cheaper for a period of time, since the game currently lacks gameplay and the purchase decision by the player should be an actively considered decision and not a price-driven decision.

    2.) Tutorial

    --> Have a look in the tutorial section, Youtube videos and the LOTUS lexicon. If there are still questions, ask us in our (<this>) forum.