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    What would that achieve? The whole scripting language is completely different, so is the configuration in the Content-Tool, which didn't exist in Omsi. That would just be doubled work.

    And please note that you don't have to select reapints as requirements as those won't crash the game if not present. The user will just see the default looks of the vehicle if he doesn't have the repaint installed.

    6.) Sorry, I cannot understand this question... :-/

    Ich glaube er meint, ob man einem Drehgestell einen maximalen Ausschlagwinkel definieren kann - oder sichtbare Drehung ganz abschalten, es aber dennoch den Schienen folgen soll, auch wenn der Ausschlagwinkel der durch die Kurve gegeben wäre den maximalen Winkel überschreiten würde. Damit das Drehgestell nicht aus der Verkleidung "herausbuggt".

    The other option would have been to develop the simulator in a "closed" environment with beta testers only... But I think this is definitely the better way!

    You do not need to select a tile, so the tile changes color. It does not do that in the singleplayer. In the upper left corner of the selection window there are coordinates. These will change to your selected mouse position on clicking the map. Than proceed, the editor will go on the correct spot.

    Change your password manually after logging in with steam. It will ask you for your old password, than click on you forgot your password and reset it that way. A bit complicated, but since then it worked for me.