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    Neither of this would be suitable for flawless experience. I would advise to postpone the project, save some money and get the first (with Ryzen 5 5600G) with a better, not noname PSU and at least an RTX2060 or 3060. Lotus is just poorly optimized at it's current state, and needs a beefy PC.

    SilentiumPC 500 W Vero L3 Bronze isn't good?

    Maybe be quiet! Pure Power 10 MODULAR 600W CM (BN278) will be better?

    If I will buy now the first configuration without GPU and temporary use GT1030 which I have, will It be playable? I will buy better GPU in the future, or might hopefully borrow from somebody when It will be necessary?

    I kindly ask for advice, whether any of the hardware configurations listed above will allow for comfortable use of LOTUS?

    Ich bitte um Rat, ob eine der oben aufgeführten Hardwarekonfigurationen eine komfortable Nutzung von LOTUS ermöglicht?


    Or maybe this?

    Procesor AMD Ryzen 5 3600


    RAM DDR4 16GB 3000 MHz

    SilentiumPC 500 W Vero L3 Bronze

    Graphic - Nvidia GT 1030


    I would like to buy some computer parts, generally for Lotus (driving and making own scenery) and some other simulators. I would like to use projector and screen to create simulation of tram cockpit 1:1. I don't want to spend much money, so rather It should be as cheap as possible to achieve accepted quality, but with possibility to upgrade in the future.

    I have Nvidia GT 1030 graphic card, what are experiences with this card in Lotus? Can I use it with some better cpu and mainboard?

    Please give me some suggestions for best hardware configurations, If possible parts could be used. I have a few propositions:


    CPU - AMD Ryzen 5 5600G

    Cooler - SilentiumPC Spartan 5 MAX

    Mainboard - Gigabyte B450 AORUS ELITE

    RAM - Patriot 16 GB (2x8GB) 3600MHz CL18 Viper Steel

    Power - SilentiumPC 500 W Vero L3 Bronze

    Graphic - Nvidia GT 1030 or integrated only


    CPU - i5 6400

    Graphic - GTX 1660ti


    i3 9100f

    Deepcool CK-11508

    Asrocl H310CM-DVS

    GTX 1070



    i7 4790

    Asus B85M-E ATX

    GTX 1080

    Patriot Sector 8Gb

    I created my own local WMTS server using QGIS, XAMPP and QGIS SERVER (here are instructions and then I connected to it in Map Editor. In QGIS project I uploaded a fragment of an old air picture, scan of original tram depot scheme (from 1900 year) and a vector layer with some tram layouts (red line). In QGIS it looks like this:

    In Map Editor it looks more blurry, but It works:

    Of course QGIS is serving clear tiles in higher resolution, but Map Editor doesn't use them. Maybe "High resolution centre tile" option will be helpful, but when I choose it, Instead of the centre tile, only the picture "Still Loading" is displayed.

    Are there any plans to improve WMTS in Lotus Map Editor?
    It would be nice if it would be easy to refresh the aerial map without manually cleaning cache (immediately after modifying the map in QGIS), loading only maps on the fly for the current view and support for higher resolutions (depending on the current zoom).
    I think that the use of QGIS in conjunction with map Editor will allow for easier work on the scenery, you can then in the map Editor have any maps and schemes, which will be especially useful when creating historical maps.

    I set this link to WMTS server in LOTUS, using WMS/JPEG option.


    It doesn't work - I have got only "still loading..." image. I hear that the CPU cooler works louder and there are a lot of files in cache, but after several minutes still no results on the screen.

    I clean the cache every time.

    Only direct links from post above are displayed, but their scale is inaccurate.

    I suspect the problem may be in the projection. In QGIS when I add WMTS layer, it is "ETRS89 / Poland CS2000 zone 6 EPSG:2177". Its not compatible with LOTUS (found in other topics), so in the general settings of the project I set "WGS 84 / Pseudo-Mercator EPSG:3857". QGIS transforms the projection on the fly, so I can export it and open in the LOTUS Editor. It makes little blurry, but it doesn't matter on the higher zoom. You can see in my previous post, that rails on the second image are visible.

    But LOTUS unfortunately uses only the lower zoom map, so it's to much blurry to work with it.

    If its not possible to force the lotus to download the map in a closer zoom, my idea from first post is to add the ability to import vector maps created e.g. in QGIS as auxiliary lines.

    Source data is max Z 12.

    What this Z value mean? I exported WMS map from QGIS with zoom 12 and the result is only this tile. The little red dot in the left-down corner is the tram depot from 2 tiles from my previous post. Only exported tiles with zoom above 18 are usable.

    I partially get what I wanted, but I'm not completely satisfied yet. In QGIS I exported a map containing an orthophotomap of Wrocław WMTS and a vector layer with drawn red lines, using the geoprocessing tool "generate XYZ tiles". Here are examples of result tiles, zoom level 18 and 20:

    Then, in the LOTUS Map Editor settings, I set the link to the folder on the disk with the generated map "C:/(...)/mapa/~z/~x/~y.png". The editor loaded it correctly and it matched the default map from Openstreetmap, so the projection was fine.
    Unfortunately, it turned out that Map Editor loaded only one zoom level, which is insufficient for me. The drawn lines are still relatively visible, but the orthophotomap is too blurry to be able to build tracks from it. Here is example of the same place as above in a similar zoom level in Map Editor:

    Is there any way to load higher quality maps?

    How to do that? Will the map be correctly aligned to map coordinates?
    I would like also import to Map Editor aerial map from local geoportal, but I don't know what url use. WMS url is…2018/MapServer/WMSServer? or WMTS: which I load perfectly in GIS program, but I don't know how tu use it in Map Editor. Is it enough to paste those urls to Map Editor?