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    Linux is definitely great too, I'm looking for the improved performance since they're much less resource hungry as far as I know.

    As a contribution to the community, once I got my MacBook M1 ready, I might also test whether it's possible to run LOTUS with CrossOver ( and post my findings here.

    Hey guys, transport enthusiast and Apple Fan here :)

    Since both LOTUS and OMSI are running on OpenGL engine rather than DirectX, it gives the possibility of MacOS support further down the line. I am wondering if the development team have plans for making this work with Mac as well, because with the increasing popularity and power of Mac computers it's much more convenient to not have another separate PC just for gaming. I also play Cities Skylines and The Sims 4 on Mac and I hope Mac compatibility isn't that complicated since I know nothing about programming.

    It's just a thought. I hope the team would put this into consideration, can't wait to have this running natively on an M1 Mac in the future ^^;p