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    Actually the running Tatra tram number is 320 piece. So it's 1/3 piece of the regular one and right now 2/3 is upgraded one. As the company says it will gonna change till 2021. So in 1 or 2 year will be upgraded all of them. Except carriage number 4000 and another one. They will gonna appear as T5C5 but only as Nostalgia tram like UV, Bengali and the rest of the tram types.

    Skinner that's a very nice model at the moment. Actually you are modelling my favourite tram type. So I hope the engine sound will be the same as it is in reality. Sadly all of the carriage will be upgraded to Tatra T5C5K2M. The last carriages is in Angyalfold at the moment. Around 89 piece yet.

    Usually there are 2 types of switching there is a not so tight cable what the tram's pantograph can reach and can lock. Nowadays these kind of cables running out of the era, because it can cause many problems if it's split. Because it can take the whole overhead cable if it's twinning on the pantograph. Other one is a magnetic switcher but it's much more safer than the previous one. But it's only switching the switcher. And there is another switcher on the cables in Budapest. That's the called hon-Contact which makes able that the tram locking the switch and then you can see the yellow signal next to the switching direction That's much more better than the other cable form cause it cannot split.

    Even I would like to continue the idea of Bzmot332 because if you are miss the place of the switching cable what is drained from the tram itself. You have to switch the switcher manually by switching rod which is usually placed in the tram cabin. I hope you are understand what I am talking about.

    Which is ended in buffer and allows to move around the tram? And also another question how is the switch controller light and different kind of tram signs? Will be included (such as track speed limits) And I am curious about how else we can switch the switcher. Because in reality we can switch if we get power to the engine (simply forward) or we push one button on the tram. But in another case we have the button "don't switch"

    Especially if we will gonna build maps which handles bus, trolleybus and also trams and we will play this on Multiplayer as well it will make unforgettable shifts with good virtual colleagues :) Don't you think? :) :);)