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    The Equipment was actually depending on what was ordered. You can go by crank handle, Billet or foot pedals since 1951 :) in Düsseldorf however, there was never an option for trams not getting a crank handle, until the simple control stick was invented.

    My favourite is the GT8S ;D


    Yeah, the Düsseldorf DLC is quite hungry regarding performance, this is due to the massive size of the map and the fully functional vehicles. The vehicle performance will improve with the next DLC-Patch nevertheless.

    LOTUS itself is still in Early-Access and the performance is the next big thing the devs are working on:

    Abstimmung: Welches Feature soll als nächstes kommen?

    Here are quite some performance and options experts around, i am sure somebody will find something to improve :)

    Hi Dusseldor team.

    I have discovered some bugs. In GT8S and GT8SU there's a battery button bug on the dashboard. When i click the battery or (A) button it doesn't light up. The only button that lights up is the one that turns battery power unit off. When clicking one that turns the power unit on it that button doesn't light up

    Yeah, that is correct :) But it's not the battery, it's the Main Power Switch!

    Second bug i noticed is the indoor advertisement place or what ever it's called

    You can see those holes on the edges

    Thank you, will be fixed with the next Patch!

    The rollband on the display doesn't "roll" when changing the destination. It only appears without any animations.

    And another bug i noticed is with wheel sounds. When going over rail crossings or junctions there's no sound of wheels going over them. The same goes with other vehicles in the addon. IDK If it's implemented yet or not but i saw videos on youtube that has these sounds. I don't have them.

    OK these are the bugs i noticed.

    The First issue is resolved when disabling "minimal effects" as Janine said.

    The second issue is defined within the Map. The vehicles do play sounds on crossings and junctions. Try Diorama in Front of the Depot :)


    there is a documentation, in German though, in your steam-folder. On most Sytems it is:

    C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\LOTUS-Simulator\Addons\ADDON_Duesseldorf1981\Dokumente - Documentation

    inside the subfolder \Dokumente - Documentation\Rollband-Texturvorlagen\Rollband_GT8 is a .pdf file with more information.

    I'd suggest you try to translate the document with an online translator and post your questions in this thread :)

    Good Luck!


    I just made some Screenshots of a successfull mesh-animation from 3dsMax 2015. I hope this will help you!

    This is my basic object. It is not textured nicely nor modelled accurately because you will never see it this isolated. This is some sort of Cover for the DüWag-Jacobs-Boogie.

    This is the objects mapping. Nothing serious, i just placed everything on some generic "as-good-as-black"-color.

    Now lets jump over to the preparations for the mesh-animation: You need to copy and paste the model which you want to animate. After copying NEVER move it again, it has to share the EXACT position from it's original mesh. Rename it to "@2m_OriginalMeshName". After copying and renaming you have to change the mapping coordinates of the copyied object to the following:

    As you can see, i only moved the object to show the differences. The @2m_Mesh has the complete mapping-coordinates, from left to right and from top to bottom. This is necessay, because i want the object to be transformed completely and evenly. Do not change the texture you got from the orignal object - it's not necessary. After you only changed the texture-coordinates, export both objects:

    I'm using or was using (;-)) the Fraunhofer Exporter for .x3d Files. It works well with the shown settings.

    I would like to motivate you to try again and post your results!

    Best regards,