Receipe book

  • The LOTUS cookbook contains numerous ready-made recipes with which you can quickly achieve your first successes in content development.

    1 Basics

    Quote from Samuel Hahnemann

    Copy it, but copy it exactly!

    This is the motto of our cooking recipes for LOTUS. Hand-picked and created with the greatest possible care, they are intended to enable every beginner to bring his favourite vehicles to life in LOTUS. The configurations and scripts presented here can, should and may be completely copied and used for own purposes. Thus, everyone should be able to have a basic configuration to drive a soapbox over a map. Whether and to what extent it goes on from there is then left to one's own heart and soul. :) We hope you have fun trying it out and are looking forward to seeing your results!

    2 Drawn in front of the bracket

    In order not to make the actual instructions confusing with trivial information, here is some information that applies implicitly to almost every recipe:

    • Scripts are written in the Text Editor and imported in the Object & Vehicle Tool under "General Settings" --> "Import Script..." imported. This step is required after every change in the script!
    • After changes to the vehicle or the sounds, the vehicle and/or sound container must be repacked before the change can be visible in the simulator!
    • Before using the tools for the first time, they should be set up. The options should be adjusted, the folders on the PC well structured and a working directory set up.

    3 Script structure

    The LOTUS scripts always follow the same structure, see Script System.

    Each script provided here should be usable without prior knowledge and usable on its own. As a result, you will have to think a little when combining two scripts of your choice. The basic structure of a script must always remain the same, so you cannot simply add a second script to a stand-alone script. Instead, you have to add elements to the existing script individually, for example, extend the PUBLIC_VARS with new ones from the second script, the same with PUBLIC_BUTTONS and PUBLIC_AXIS, and then add the procedures and functions below. At the very end, a single end. remains.