Language tool hangs at "checking edit rights"

  • Hey guys,

    A few weeks ago I did some experimenting with teams, rights and such, and invited Skinner_11 to the Hungarian translation team. Everything works fine, both of us can work on the language file, but ever since I created the team, every time I want to save and pack my work, the language tool hangs at the checking edit rights window, see pic below.

    If I click abort, it will show me the following message:

    Then it will save and pack just fine. Also there's a message in the main menu showing that I did not provide a sufficient ID.

    Any ideas about what's causing this?


  • Could you please locate your export folder for that file? It is located where your Hungarian.llg is. In the export folder is a file named LOTUScontdescr. Please delete that (or cut it from the folder if you want to keep it, just in case) and try again.

    It seems like that file contains misinformation that confuses the server... Please try and let me know.

  • Alright, this did the trick.

    However I can recreate the problem if I open the language file with my private ID, save & pack it, then open it with my team ID, save & pack it again, and the next time I want to save & pack, it hangs again. Deleting the LOTUScontdescr file solves the problem though. I guess it's just not recommended to edit the same file with two different IDs.

  • I recommend to do the following in order to avoid that problem:

    1. Log in with your private ID (so not as a team!)
    2. Open the *.llg file.
    3. Set the check at "Public Domain" and save (no need to pack!).
    4. Close the Tool, open it again and log in as your team.
    5. Open the *.llg file again.
    6. The field were the content ID is written should be greyed out now. Please click the button at the right side of the content ID, "New". It should generate a new ID and the ID written down should now be black instead of grey and you would even be able to edit it yourself.
    7. Remove the check at "Public Domain" and save the file.
    8. Close the tool and locate the LOTUScontdescr again, delete it.
    9. Open the tool again, log in as team, open the *.llg again and "Save and pack" it.

    From now on this is your file which you can open and edit as team - and your friend (logged in as team and granted with the proper rights), too.