Concerns about performance and vegetation

  • So, I downloaded a map called Straßenbahn Forsthausen.

    The point is that the game runs very bad (15-20fps), and it's not like it's a very high quality map ATM (I mean the number and detail of objects etc).

    I don't have a NASA computer, but it's not that bad:
    CPU: Intel i5-4460 (3,2GHz)

    GPU: nVidia GTX960 (4GB VRAM)

    RAM: 8GB

    On the diorama map (I know, it's not that detailed) I get around 50-60 fps, on this map I get 15-20fps, and even the animations and the physics are slugging at this point.

    I have a guess it's because of the vegetation objetcs (since it runs smoother on parts with less trees).

    I don't think this detailed, 3D tree model is a good idea in LOTUS, or at least not with this engine (32bit, with this graphic engine).

    It doesn't look that good at all (it's just too homogeneous, unrealistic). From far distances, even the OMSI-like, 2D trees look better than this, but I'm sure these trees have over a 1000 polygons or even more. And in areas like this (smaller or larger forrest-like map parts) it kills the performance.

    Is there a hope this vegetation performance will change, or should we just try to model low poly trees for maps, and use these high poly trees only near the tracks?

    (Also, will there be an option to not save screenshots in .png? It'd be nice if they would be saved in rather jpeg than png, which makes all of the screenshots >3Mbit)

  • You just have to wait a little more.
    All objects do not have LOD capabillity at the moment. It is in development and will be available soon.
    Then these performance problems are solved.

    Because it is known, the Map builders should not hold back to place their vegetation, because the LOD Feature was planned from the beginning and will solve this issue.

    EDIT: Aaaaaand once again: 32Bit does NOT matter! Cause 32bit or 64bit has nothing todo with performance.

  • Hey ho,

    as Marvin said, you have to wait a little bit till the vegetation gets a revamp. In my personal opinion it isn't necessary to create your own vegetation now, because there might be an easier way to create vegetation in the future. LOTUS will provide possibilities to have 3D-vegetation without slowing down the performance that much.

    And basically for all the map creators out there: Please don't put the trees into the terrain at the moment. :(


  • EDIT: Aaaaaand once again: 32Bit does NOT matter! Cause 32bit or 64bit has nothing todo with performance.

    I disagree with that, at least if it's meant to be a general statement. For instance, when a game exceeds the 4 GB memory barrier that comes with 32 bit applications, this has effects on the performance. However, a 32 bit application handles polygons and textures as good as a 64 bit application, so it is true that just switching to 64 bit does not magically fix all performance issues one may have.

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