[Suggestion] Depot files - centralised

  • Sorry if this is the wrong place to post it or if this has been posted (initial search didn't show it to me):

    In OMSI 2 each bus needed the depot (.hof) file in it's own folder. My suggestion for LOTUS would be to have some kind of centralised depot files (maybe in the map folder/linked to map). To cope with the logic that if some bus require some specialised version of it, then add option to link extra depot file kinds to the map. I'm not excatly sure yet how the LOTUS mods work but in OMSI terms in map folder I would have extra folder:

    Depot files
    |- config.json
    |- default.hof
    |- buse.hof
    |- k++.hof

    config file for example would look like this (which woulds specify which bus uses which special hof, it bus isn't in the list then revert to default depot file

    I hope it's not too confusing to understand what I tried to suggest here.


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  • Quote from Marcel Kuhnt

    Insbesondere wird es so sein, dass nicht mehr jedes Fahrzeug seine komplett unabhängige Hof-Datei haben wird, sondern nur eine ergänzende Hof-Datei, während der Karte die Haupt-Hofdatei mit den eigentlichen Inhalten zugeordnet wird.

    This is what Marcel wrote in another thread. He basically confirms that indeed it's gonna be like you suggest. One main hof file per map and additional hof files for each vehicle.