How interchangeable is LOTUS with OMSI 2 (and OMSI)?

  • Happy holidays to everyone,

    I will not be considering a purchase of LOTUS during Early Access having seen many negative comments about it but I would like to ask, especially since LOTUS is basically developed by the same people who made OMSI happen,

    How interchangeable is LOTUS with OMSI 2? Can OMSI 2's assets be used on LOTUS effortlessly or is some kind of a porting needed?

    I have concentrated all my developments on OMSI 2, it will be a shame if I have to start all over again for LOTUS - I am looking forward to the multiplayer feature.


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  • Hey :)

    There are no OMSI-only related files (maps, vehicles, configs, schedules, depot files, ...) that can be transferred directly to LOTUS, mostly because of the completely different content system.

    BUT you can of course import all your models and hence use them again.

    It sounds like you have no need of the "Rails of LOTUS" module, right? But you would need the "Streets of LOTUS" module for your bus-related projects? I would like to encourage you to buy the Bus module as soon as you want to (and as it is available), so you have a lot of time to import and configure your content in LOTUS. :)

    Best regards :)

  • Thank you Janine for the quick reply!

    Hopefully when the Streets of LOTUS module is about to be released, there will be a detailed tutorial on how one can import models and other things from OMSI 2 into LOTUS - I just don't have plans to buy it yet, even if the module is released and will probably stick with OMSI as long as I can until LOTUS stabilizes..

    Oh and "Herzlichen Glückwunsch zum Geburtstag!" :)

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  • There already are articles about importing models. If you built something for OMSI and have the original model, you can import it, but I don't think there'll be any articles about how to convert o3d files to obj...etc.

  • but I don't think there'll be any articles about how to convert o3d files to obj...etc.

    This would also be prohibited, since a o3d files aren't open source and it would be a copyright infringement.;)

    Yea sadly, so we will have to wait for original authors like Alterr and V3D to move to LOTUS before we can even talk about it :/

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  • One important thing to understand is that LOTUS has nothing to do with the OMSI.

    Yes, some of the developers of OMSI are making the LOTUS, but that's all. It doesn't have the same file hierarchy, nor the same file extensions. Every single step of making contents for LOTUS differs from OMSI. Therefore it's not that surprising that you cannot import OMSI stuff into LOTUS.

    And yes, only the original authors can import their models into LOTUS.