Lotus Engine Simulation - Need some help!

  • Hello everyone,

    I am doing a research on a single cylinder Yamaha XT600 E engine. I must perform several simulations with Lotus, and it is all going very wrong because my version (5.05) keeps giving me nasty errors of underflow or overflow during simulation. Just by varying my intake manifold lenght I keep getting different behaviors from software, sometimes finishing the simulation and sometimes crashing midway.

    My aim is to help designing the intake manifold for the engine, so the FSAE team can use this engine as best as possible.

    If someone has a newer version of the LES, it would be VERY helpful as I am getting a bit desperate now, since I must generate results and things are going wrong. My deadlines are getting very short and I afraid I'll fail the class I'm doing this project for and the team that is counting on me for this part of the project.

    All links on Lotus' website are dead, so I can't download a new version from there.

    PS: I don't want a cracked software version, there is a freeware version that has some limits that would not affect my project. I want the freeware newer version.

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