New language entries not being copied into my language file

  • Hey there,

    I've noticed that since the last one or two updates the new language file text entries are not being copied into my language file, no matter which copy button I use. I see the new ID-s for the new entries in the left column, but the text for them is missing. If I open the freshly updated English.llg, I can see both the ID-s and texts.

    See the attached pic:

    What do? ?/

  • Hmm, I am constantly using those buttons, as well. Would be strange if there is a bug... You should double-check how you do it and if you do not oversee something. I will test it, as well, just to make sure.

  • Thanks for the quick response.

    I don't think I oversee anything, that's how I've been using the language tool since day 1. I'm missing the texts for most of the vehicle filters. Strangely enough, the new entries from today's update were all successfully migrated into my file, both ID and text.

    The issue starts at the Editor.Main.ppmSelectSelectInList ID and ends with main.FrameVehConfig.ImgBtnChain.Hint. ID.

  • Could you please attach your language file? You can send it privately, if you want, but I need some time until I check it, since I am not at work ;)

  • Hmmm... since these IDs are included now, they won't be overwritten anymore, if you use one of the buttons. These buttons will only add entries, which are completely missing.

    But you can do the following: First, make a backup of your file. Then you have to delete the lines with missing text: Just delete the ID in the first column. Because the line is then completely empty, it will be removed by the tool as soon as you change the line focus.

    If you have removed all IDs with empty text, make another backup of your file. Then please try again to import the English file. Does it work now?

  • Yes, this did the trick, thank you.

    You might want to check the description of the two copy buttons though, I believe they are mixed up...

    ...which led to some confusion on my end, and hence, here we are. ^^°

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