Objects from Jadu2

  • This is the commentary thread concerning addon: Objects from Jadu2

    Please note:

    I am/We are receptive to every kind of constructive feedback. It must not hurt me/us and must not diminish my/our work.

    Please write your feedback to my/our work so, as to be

    • precise and clear, thus not vague or emotional
    • analytical and rational, thus properly researched and convenient, not on impulse
    • solution-orientated, thus, if applicable, attached with counterproposals, consequences and implications.

    Since I am/we are glad about any kind of compliment of my/our work, a balanced ratio of positive and negative feedback is greatly appreciated. :)

  • Janine

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  • I've not installed your Objects yet, but what i have seen on your screenshots so far, your Houses are really nice modelled and textured.
    So thanks for your work and effort, and for sharing this with us!

  • Hi!
    They are in categories House (small), House (medium) and Row house (small) or you can search them by writing for example „Dum“ into the search text field.

  • It happens because my textures don't have MipMaps; I'm going to add them soon. But if you set Texture resolution on High in the settings of graphic, you won't see black buildings independent on MipMaps. :)