Editor shows error about missing objects. Every object is on the map.

  • Hi. I want to report a problem with editor. Until yesterday everything was fine. Yesterday at around this time editor started to give me problems. First of all error appeared like the one in this thread "Glue" Fehler/Bug ? when i wanted to save the map. Second when i closed the editor and reopened it his error appeared for 3 objects.

    When i want to close the editor it asks me should i save the map before exiting but i didn't do any edits on the map. I searched around the map every object is there. When i searched the workshop i subscribed to every object i am using for this map. This isn't my map. Karadamir sent me this map to edit it as i wish since he is doing his real life map and working on the trams as well and i don't want this editor to mess things up. I worked hard to extend this map and i was planing to make a topic for it. Now everything is at risk here. What should i do next? Should i let editor save the map as is? What should i do? Any suggestions?

    Edit: Here's a 2 mb's worth of errors in log.txt which is too large for attachment http://www.mediafire.com/file/…hodwfpqn/logfile.txt/file

  • I searched around the map every object is there.

    I believe, the missing objekt is a rail or a catenary, because this error message belongs to checks made for these object types.

    But you may not only check if the objects are there, but they should also be clickable. And you just need to check, if the rails and catenarys on the tiles 41705/20471 and 41706/20471 still exist.

  • I think you are right Marcel Kuhnt On the last tiles i was working on there are missing rails i placed yesterday. Some are visible but not clickable but some are completely gone. Some polygons are missing as well. What's the next step? Should i save the map and reopen it? Is it safe to do that? It asks me should i save the map before closing. I am afraid something will break because it's not my map and i put my own effort in editing the map. I still have a long way to go.

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  • Is it safe to do that?

    If you just open the map, wait until everything is loaded and click on :pack:. This button will NOT save the map at the state after the corrections were applied, but BEFORE. It is just the same like copying and "zipping" the map directory manually before launching the MapEditor.

    So you can save the map in its original state before do further tests.

  • OK. But after i click the zip thing and after i make changes to map, if the map is "screwed up" i can load map from the zip?

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  • Hey Janine thanks :D It worked. Thank you so much :D I didn't even knew about this feature ( never got in a situation to use it XD ) Everything is OK for now :D

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