"Weiche" indicators not working only in multiplayer maps.

  • Hi all !

    I've got a problem with ReLife Koplenz (or Koblenz) map : the "weiche" indicators don't work or showing the wrong direction.

    In Munich the multiplayer map doesn't have the "weiche" indicators actived (but ViewApp already know this malfunction).

    Is it a problem from me or it's everybody else ?

    Thanks !

    Avatar = me. That's part of the job... xD

  • cloclognognan

    Changed the title of the thread from “Weiche not showing only in multiplayer.” to “"Weiche" indicators not working only in multiplayer maps.”.
  • Gleiches Problem hier, in München stellt sich die weiche zwar automatisch wie sie soll (laut programmierter route) aber die „Weichenampeln“ zeigt immer nur eine richtung an, egal in welche Richtung die Weiche gestellt ist. Das „X“ leuchtet auch nie auf.

    Dieses Problem tritt meines Wissens nur im Multiplayer auf.

    Edit: ah verdammt, zu langsam :D

  • We know, thank you! :)

    Okey, thanks ! I feel better, I thought it was my LOTUS version the problem ! :)

    Avatar = me. That's part of the job... xD

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