BKV MII + PIII suburban railway (HÉV) train

  • Type of project: Real train

    Name of project: BKV MII + PIII suburban railway (HÉV) train

    Involved persons: Me


    Vintage suburban railway train types M II (locomotive type 2) and P III (carriage type 3) from Budapest, Hungary.

    These trains were made in the beginning of the 20th century, originally with wooden chassis. Later on they were refurbished with steel chassis and stronger electric motors. They were withdrawned between 1978 and 1982.

    Since many of the players didn't read my little documentation / readme for the 'Ezres', I won't bother writing another one for this train. So:

    The locos can be coupled with each other as well as with the carriages. The normal trainset was MII+MII+PIII+PIII+PIII+PIII+MII (so 3 locos with 4 carriages). The locomotives can be driven from another one, if the power is enabled (pantograph is up).


    Switches/buttons on the left panel with the gauges (from up to down):

    -auxilary power

    -control panel on/off

    -air compressor (for own car)

    -inner ligths

    -heating (n/a at the moment)

    Controls at the dashboard (from left to right):

    -reverser and controller with deadman button


    -wiper handler

    -air whistle


    -front light switch

    -air brake

    -handbrake (big wheel on the right)

    There's an emergency brake leveler as well near the ceiling, left to the front door.


    To start the train you need to raise the pantographs, swithc on the control panel (button 2) and the aux. power (button 1) (to power the air compressor, battery charge...etc). You may want to switch on the air compressor as well, unless you want to loose the brakes eventually. Release the handbrakes by clicking on it with the left mouse button. Now you can set the reverser and go on.

    To go to the other cab, set the controller and reverser no neutral. Switch off the control panel (2nd button) and leave the brake leveler in neutral position (when there's no sound from the brake, no sissing and so on). Now you can switch to the other cab (then again, switch on the control panel, reverser and controller).

    By the way if you start the simulation 'Running', you just need to set the reverser and the air compressor, everything else is swtiched on by default.


    To operate the doors you can use two methods. You can click on them or you can use the keyboard triggers (MII_CP_ajtoBal for LEFT and MII_CP_ajtoJobb for RIGHT doors). This will open or close all the doors on that side (yeah, not really realistic but without AI people this is the best I could come up with).

    The pantographs can be controlled with the default triggers like in the GTN (PantographUp and PantographDn). Air brake can be controlled with the triggers 'AirbrakePlus', 'AirbrakeMinus' and 'AirbrakeEmergency'.


    If you have questions or other opinion, feel free to leave a comment (here or on the official forum).

    Special thanks to Gcs7e7 for lending me his pantograph 3d model.



    Link to commentary thread.

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