9900K VS 3900X?

  • Dunno, I'm running a 3700x with 16GB RAM, RX Vega 64 and M2 SSD and still having lag and low FPS.
    I would recommend the 3900x over the 9900K. Better able to multitask.



  • If you only care about the FPS Difference (Which is at max 5FPS) and don't care about:
    - Safety, Intel Core is outdated is writen with problems

    - Better Encoding Power
    - Data Compression
    - Wattage (Consuming 15Watt Less while having 4 More cores)
    - Higher IPC, Single and Multithreaded

    - Lower Core Latency
    - Lower Cache Latency
    - Better Price to performance

  • If you only care about the FPS Difference (Which is at max 5FPS) and don't care about:

    How can you make an FPS Statement/Comparison without a reference?

    5pfs from what? 12? 30? 200?

    Its like i would say "My car has only 5 BHP less then others".

    Reference enough, just search for it. I'm not going to pasta all sorts of data here. Just common information.
    Also, it's seems like you only care about Games, looking at your first comment.
    Nothing wrong with that, but thats mostly because of Intels higher clockspeeds.

    At this moment, most games are not able to work with a lot of cores.
    I can tell you that the 9900K Will be beating by AMD in AAA Games in 2021/2022.
    Just because games will be able to scale better and core speed will be less important.

    Nothing wrong with having Intel tho, I had a I5 4690 For years!

    Cya :D

  • Thanks for every answer.:)

    I care about more than just games, but for my use I don't think it make sense to prioritize a CPU based on some rendering or 7zip. These tasks can be done while I'm doing something else. But FPS in gaming can't really be treated in the same way. So for my use, the comparison doesn't make much sense.

    Still not sure what I'm going to buy, but I'm not going to buy something tomorrow. Looking to buying something in the next few month or something, so I can still look around.

    But there are other things I'm concerned about for Intel. The platform is more expensive, and the chipset/sockets do get changed every other generation or so.