Laggy Dusseldorf Vehicles

  • Ive noticed that Dusseldorf lagged alot on my computer, which was weird since I had a beefy PC. I tried running Dusseldorf with the GT6N and my computer went fine with 30-40 fps. But when I get out the GT8S/U and other vehicles, my FPS goes down until 10-20 FPS. I saw in the Dusseldorf preview made by CaptainUnbrauchbar that he explained some settings before playing, but since I have no knowledge on German I didnt understand it. Can someone help me make my FPS higher with Official Dusseldorf Vehicles? Thank you in advance.

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    The GT8S and GT8SU are more resource hungry than the GT6N. Why is that so? The vehicles have over 40 different buttons in the driver's cab alone, all of which are animated and can all be operated. More than half of these buttons have a lightmap and light up even when the driver's seat is disarmed. The driver's cabs themselves are openly visible. The cars have many more doors, many more animations and many more rounded objects, which require more polygons. And last but not least: They are bi-directional vehicles, each operating device is available twice.

    These specifications apply to a limited extent to all vehicles, for one more than the other.

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    Source: Release: Düsseldorf 1981 verfügbar!

  • I am not aware of the current progress of optimizations made by the addon developers, sorry. But when they are done, it's our part to have a closer look at optimizations that we can make.