throttle and brake on different pedals?

  • Is it possible to have the throttle and brake on different pedals?

    In the settings i only have throttle/brake on the same axis. I can't set them separately.

    In my steering wheel software they are set to separate, not combined. I have alot of "driving" games, and it is only in Lotus i have this problem.

    It's a Thrustmaster t500rs.

  • Janine

    Changed the title of the thread from “Streets of Lotus” to “throttle and brake on different pedals?”.
  • Did you choose a bus before you set the axes? I have a combined Throttle/Brake axis and also separate Brake- and Throttle (Gas) Axes, but when I modified my tram setup some days ago, these axes were missing, so I believe you need to choose the bus before you can set the axes.You will also need to set the axis for steering (Street-Models) to your steering wheel axis.