Feature-wish: import data from qGIS to Map Editor

  • I have a proposed functionality for Map Editor, which would consist in the possibility of importing data created in GIS programs, e.g. in free QGIS. In QGIS, you can easily process various source data, e.g. load maps and WMS orthophotos, digitize old maps and diagrams, etc. You can draw lines defining the course of tracks, locations of buildings, etc. Then, it would be enough to export a layer created in this way, eg as a * .csv file and load it into Map Editor. It is enough for the editor to be able to create help lines based on this data, thanks to which it would be easier to build the right objects, such as tracks. I don't think it would be difficult to implement and it would help a lot in creating maps.

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  • I think you can partly already do that if you can export to WMTS tiles using the GIS software.

    Afaik, lotus will be able to read those from your HDD liek ti reads them from a real wmts server.

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