Texture load error (and buggy, shifting lights)

  • 1. Please explain your experience with the performance of LOTUS:

    Until the last few days I never had issues in LOTUS with loading the textures, but this week I got more and more errors like this:

    (non-textures, black wall on the left) (missing platform, rail, cat. pole and road sign texts)

    It's true that I'm using quite big textures sometimes (well, on highly detailed and close modells, up to 4K by 4K, but usually I try to use smaller textures), but I changed nothing in the map in the last half year (except placing some pedestrian splines for testing), and until now there was no problem at all.

    According to the logfile there was no error with the textures. I checked, when the error occured on the right picture, my GPU was using about 3.5GB VRAM (out of 4GB) so it didn't run out of it. Also I had GBs of spare RAM.



    In the logfile there are some nasty zugriff(...) errors, the reason for them is that at some point the train went missing on the map, I guess I'll have to doublecheck the rail connections there (so no, they are not in connection with the error loading issue).


    The other issue I'm having is actually the same I reported last year, in spring. The best way I can show you is taking a video of my screen, so sorry for the video quality (but recording the screen via fraps...etc couldn't really catch the error because of the less fps):

    That time some of you mentioned I could try disabling multithreading, since it might be because of the lack of synchronization. It sort of worked, but not completely. Now I checked, the error still occured, so I reworked the lights of the metro cars. Instead of 29 different lights per car (I know it's a lot, but I was naive enough to think it would work while giving the best aesthetics) I used 4 different 'bar' typed light sources, representing the different lamp groups. The funny thing is that the light in the cab still flickers, but in the passenger cab none of them. Maybe 'bar' typed lights don't have this issue, only 'point' typed ones?

    Edit: as far as I could read it, the light issues appear when data is written to the RAM or map components are loaded (at least according to the green debug info).

    2. Please tell us your system information:

    • OS and architecture (32/64bit) - Windows 7, 64 bit
    • Processor - intel i5-4460, 3,6GHz
    • Processor cores - 4
    • RAM - 16GB
    • Type of hard drive (HDD/SDD) - HDD
    • Desktop or Notebook? - Desktop
    • Name of your graphics card - nVidia GTX960
    • Graphics memory - 4GB
    • GPU clock rate - 1241 MHz (core) / 7010 MHz (memory)
    • OpenGL version (see LOTUS logfile) - 4.5.0
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