• Hello, I get such an error when I try to enter the game with my bus

    The game crashes immediately and doesn't even fully load.


    • logfile.ldl

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  • Content Tool giving me error but still working:

  • Please do the following:

    - Move all your Containers from the "MyContent" in another directory outside of LOTUS

    - Make a complete backup of your vehicle working directory

    - Open the vehicle in the ContentTool. Check, if there are any textures missing or wrong.

    - Go throug all materials and check out, if there are all textures set properly, so you can either read a texture name or "<empty". Everytime, one of the deleted texture was used, you will find an "empty"

    If you found at least one "problem texture", then:

    - Check all the problem textures of your bus, if they are in the correct format (Bitmap 24bit or DXT1, 3 or 5)

    - Delete the *.ltx files of these textures in the export directory of your vehicle

    - Open the vehicle again in ContentTool. Go through all materials using one of these textures and reimport the texture(s).

  • I did so, no mistakes. I even re-uploaded the model and nothing helped, the problem still occurs.

  • If the problem still occures, please try this:

    - Make a backup of your bus

    - Open it in the ContentTool and delete all meshs except one mesh (e.g. one outside mesh), save & pack and try it

    If this does not help, please try the same, but "excepting" another mesh with completely different textures.

  • The problem persists regardless of the mesh removed.

    The possibility of debugging in the content tool would be nice.