Variable named 'templistindex'

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    i would like to ask you from what i should take values for variable templistindex? I passed through forum and i did not find any mention, what this variable representive or from others variables it tooks value (like routeindex, linie, route etc.).

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  • Hello,

    I meant variable templistindex in this procedure procedure TimetableGetInfoByTempStnListIndex(self: integer; templistindex: integer; out FIS_ID: string; out arrTime: single; out depTime: single)

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  • Ah!

    Before using that function, you have to generate a station list with TimetableGenerateTempStnListByTrip. After doing that, you get the count of entries by the function TimetableGetTempStnListCount.

    After that, the templistindex is just the index of the "line" of this list you would like to get access. :-)

  • Hello and thank you for your response.

    I am sorry but i found out another problem with using these procedure. For generate a station list with TimetableGenerateTempStnListByTrip i need variable tripIndex. I guess that value i can get by using procedure TimetableGetTripInfoByTempListIndex, but there is another templistindex. what does it represent now?

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  • Hello,

    Again thank you for you response, but again i am not wiser about how these procedures work. I will try describe my problem from the other side. I would like to get information about arrives and departues for more stations (max count is 10) in format station name - arrive - departure (shown in picture).

    It would work like driver gave information about linie and route to PIS terminal, then it would listed the format , that i described above. The fuction that writes down stations works great, but i am stuck at getting info about times. I tried write a code, but it doesnt work. The problem could be that I am not sure if i am using right values for templistindex.

    I am sorry for spam, but i would like to make it works :) .

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  • Well...

    6.) You give him the wayindex, but not the timetable index (you got at line 4)

    9.) You give him a "0" as templistindex... do your really want to do that? It means that you will everytime get the information of the first trip of the tour!

    15/16: If you would like to have an array with n entries, that you have to use SetLength(stn_name, n), but let the for-loop run from 0 to n-1 !