Content tool, script compiler malfunctioning (?)

  • I'm refactoring a vehicle script, and faced some issue. To be more precise, I have the globally declared, standard script event called "panto_0", which somehow was not identified by the compiler.

    Here's the codelet:

    And here's the error message:

    I tried everything. Placing the declaration up and down, making local copies...etc. Do you know what solved the compiling issue?

    You see, I added three dots in a comment. THAT was its problem. If I remove that comment line, everything works fine.

    I'm not a pascal magician, but is that really an intended behaviour?

    EDIT: after looking for info about commenting in pascal I found, that this kind of "//" commenting is not even the basic commenting style, comments should be in brackets/briefcases. After a bit of trying I start to think, that the LOTUS compiler simply doesn't eat multiline comments, or at least not in this format. My question is still valid though: is this intended or not?

  • Aham, I see. I learned the hard way, that in every programming situation, an expression error is made in real life by the succedor line, but I wouln't imagine that even comments can cause this. Guess I learned something new today. ;)

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