Shared Map issue

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    Hello !

    I, Guigs13013 (id : 5757906), would like to be helped since my team mate (Krayziie , id : 5756590) and me have made some mistakes...

    I just bought the game the last week.

    We would like to create a quality map of Marseille (name : [RTM]Marseille_2000(M)(T)(B) , id : 23333833)

    We wanted to build this together, but Krayziie created the map first and then we have created the team (we had invert the correct procedure...).

    He gave me rights for the map but when I load it, I have a big hole who follow me when I move on the map editor. I can't put an object too.

    Can you help us to make the map owner the team 3ucliDe itself ? (id : 740307)

    One more thing, we would like to have 1 000 tiles for the city. I know it is very big, but we would like to break the limit in order to integrate possibilities to maximum (and maybe integrate boat ? I don't know if it is planned or possible)

    Thank you for your attention.

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