Team Map limitations

  • Hi !

    Can we steal a little of your time in order to submit our project to you? My teammate has already told you about it, but we don't have any answers about it yet, today we would like to know what we can do. Indeed, we had already spoken previously about a map representing Marseille in the years 2000/2010, including the old historic line of trams number 68, the complete network of the Metro as well as the services provided by bus by a good number of deposit. Before forming a team with Guigs13013, I first reserved the tiles with my personal ID, because at the time I didn't really know the procedure to adopt. We would like to know if it was possible to switch the ID of the map to that of our team; 3ucliDe; but also if we could reserve more tiles for our common project (knowing that the tiles of 3ucliDe are free and that I am ready to combine with mine so as to have a larger playing field; Marseille is a fairly large city with lines with often winding routes and we would like to be able to reproduce a good number of them that seem relevant to us). I asked this, because I saw a thread which you accepted the tile expansion.

    We hope to be able to discuss this subject together in the near future and we, Guigs13013 and myself are available at any time ^^



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