Team Map limitations #2

  • Hello,

    In a previous post, no response was given from you, so we reiterate. We are an amateur group of 3D designs having already performed on OMSI, we would like to be able to reproduce a new map representing the entire network of Marseille (France). However, the great extent and complexity of this network that we would like to recreate in multiplayer pushes us to make tile selection choices, so we would first like to know if it was possible to grant us a higher number of tiles, by combining our two ID eg. Ideally, a doubled number corresponding to 1000 would be desirable and would allow us to reproduce the entire network with its many facets, including the bus, metro and tram network.

    We are currently working together on editing the map, here are our IDs:

    Krayziie (5756590)

    Guigs13013 (5757906)

    We are a team called "3ucliDe" (740307) and we would therefore like to know if this advantage would be possible to be granted to us, we obviously guarantee you quality work taking into account all the elements requested within the charter committing us to from Lotus and more. Awaiting your response, we remain at your disposal for any questions regarding our team and our project. Without an answer from you, it would be a shame if we proposed a map with limitations and not fully covering the entire network that we want to reproduce.


  • I still find it very disrespectful never to provide an answer, negative or not, when other people have had it. I would even say that this is highly discriminatory in view of other similar posts having obtained favorable opinions. At least have the honesty to say things.

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