There is (currently) no way to change the screen resolution as far as I know. It just uses your normal windows resolution settings.

    It will change once LOTUS will use DirectX instead of OpenGL

    I just read over this thread very quickly. However, my train encounters the same problems that @sziriusz12 listed:

    It happens quite often, when my V-train is driving into the a specific direction (the station where I last observed it, it was positive direction), it stops halfway OUT of the platform (picture is attached) already. However, when it drives to the same platform in the opposite direction (in terms of train reverser state. The train is not coming from the other end of the station. Just the train is placed the other way around. Basically as if you ticked the option in the game settings that the train spawns the other way around) , it stops perfectly normal.

    Sometimes it also decides to just slow down until almost 0 but then accelerating again, not coming to a stop at all at a platform.

    It also happens that my train spawns "mushed" together with other trains, creating a weird optical spectacle.

    Probably because of the same reason as the first problem I listed, some trains (again it depends whether they are moving into the positive or negative directon) don't drive all the way into storage tracks, blocking the switches in front of it.

    I'm quiiiiiite sure that it has something to do with two-directional vehicles in general as I can't think of any way how it could be related to setting up something wrongly in the Map-Editor. But maybe I'm wrong there. I'm not sure whether they are relevant here, but here are the object settings of my train:

    If i understood correctly, the best way to solve your problem is to make your digits as a text-texture and set that texture as a „night texture“ (as night textures basically „glow“) of the mesh. As the main texture of the mesh you can set the same text-texture which you set as night texture. (thats at least how I do it)

    Of course you would have to set up a bitmap font for that, which includes the necessary digits for the text-texture to work. :)

    Explaining things is not really my speciality but I’ll try anyway:

    This internal list is (as far as I know) only for internal processing. You can‘t access it. All you can do is determine the index of a texture using the given function in the lexicon article which you read. This doesn‘t get you any further tho (as this index is only used by LOTUS itself). In order to change the textures of your object, you have to import textures as a standalone (as you said) and then use the function from the lexicon article to get its internal index. This index you have to link in the material settings to normal texture (the first option on the material page, not to confuse with the actual normal texture as in a bump map).

    But maybe I‘m wrong about that, thats just my understanding of how this system works. It‘s very possible that I‘m wrong

    EDIT: Thanks to Kartoffelphantom for pointing that out, sorry if it caused a misunderstanding. ^^°

    Gleiches Problem hier, in München stellt sich die weiche zwar automatisch wie sie soll (laut programmierter route) aber die „Weichenampeln“ zeigt immer nur eine richtung an, egal in welche Richtung die Weiche gestellt ist. Das „X“ leuchtet auch nie auf.

    Dieses Problem tritt meines Wissens nur im Multiplayer auf.

    Edit: ah verdammt, zu langsam :D

    Pretty sure, you will see something from us ;)8)

    Rein hypothetisch: Was würdet ihr rein hypothetisch antworten wenn ich ganz subtil und rein hypothetisch fragen würde, ob bei eurem rein-hypothetischen Wien Addon ein ULF oder der neue Flexity geplant ist? Rein hypothetisch natürlich... :giggle: Ja ich ich bin einer der wenigen Niederflurfetischisten, lasst mich :'D