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    Not at the moment. I haven’t imported the dashboard. I thought it was like in OMSI that you can drive also with the minimum of the imported objects by pressing the tipical buttons on the keyboard. About the settings you refer to, they must be change in Lotus or in the Content?

    Well, you just need to start the engines correctly and everything. For myself, i think it is easiest to just change those settings. You find that in Lotus on the first page of the options

    Another Question, have you assigned some buttons in the bus to start the engine? Otherwise, it is necessary to change the Place vehicle: to Running in the settings.

    What could be, when I think about it, is that eventually only string-variables works. Try to make a string-variable and then, if the string-variable does contain for example On, the script activates another variable.

    Like this: (It could be some errors, it is just to show you, I wrote it on the mobile phone)