First Aid: Holes in the terrain

  • From time to time, when working in the map editor, strange, often triangular holes appear in the ground:

    The cutting algorithm of the MapEditor is extremely complex, and for this reason calculation errors can occasionally occur. There can be several reasons for this, in particular two different measures can be taken:

    • The splines used should be provided with a so-called cutting mesh, unless they have a completely trivial shape (e.g. sidewalk). This measure can of course only be taken by the developer of the spline. As soon as the spline type has been adapted or a new version has been installed, only the tiles on which this spline type has been installed need to be recalculated. How splines are equipped with cutting meshes is described here:…-erstellen/#4-Optimierung
    • It may be that the shape of the polygons is unfavorable, especially if they are too large. In this case, large polygons should be divided into smaller polygons.