Debug Logfile

  • The debug logfile is an additional logfile, which gives us developers much more information than the normal logfile. Therefore, we will often ask you to generate and send it, if you send us bug reports. Here is how to activate and find them.

    1 Activate

    Usually, the debug logfile is deactivated, because LOTUS will be slower with activated logfile. So you have to activate it manually in case of a bug report.

    You can activate it like that:

    1.1 Entering logfile parameter in Steam

    1. Click on LOTUS-Simulator (or a tool) in the Steam Library with the right mouse button --> Properties
    2. Click "Set start options" --> enter -debuglog.

    1.2 Entering debug logfile parameter in a link

    1. Click onto the program file of LOTUS or a tool (lays in the steam library directory) --> Create link and move it to the prefered place, e.g. the desktop
    2. Click right onto the new link --> Properties --> Add - separated with a space - -logfile at the end of the line in "Target"

    2 Starting LOTUS or the tool

    Now you have to restart LOTUS or the tool and try to repeat the error. Then close LOTUS or the tool and...

    3 Find logfile

    ...find the logfile. It lays in the logfile directory, too (\Steam\SteamApps\common\LOTUS-Simulator\Logs) and has the same name like the normal logfile. It just has another file extension: *.ldl instead of *.txt.

    Now just attach it to your post! :-)