• Entrypoints are places on the map, where the player can enter the map for his own drive.

    1 Part 1: Labeling of the path

    To create an entrypoint, in case of railroad vehicles a part of a track has to be selected and its properties changed:

    To activate the track piece as an entrypoint, simply add a name. This should be map-wide unique. If you check "place reversed", the vehicle will be placed against the laying direction of the track by default.

    2 Part 2: Configure

    On the left hand side in the section "General config" is a control named "Entrypoints". It opens the entrypoint configuration dialogue:

    As soon as in the top list one of the entrypoints is selected, its properties can be set beneath:

    • Train plan: configures the train plan list for this entry point. It decides in the simulator, which kind of train can be placed, if the user uses a random vehicle. On the other side, this list decides, which vehicles can be chosen by him, if he limits the vehicle choice to recommended vehicles only.
    • PIS group: If desired, an alternative PIS group can be configured as default. If nothing is set, the setting remains as default and the map-wide default PIS group is chosen automatically for the user.
    • Gauge: Is copied from the track properties directly and is used for the filtering in "compatible vehicles only" mode in the simulator.
    • Length: By means of the track part set up automatically, can be edited afterwards.
    • Power supply: Which kind of power supply is demanded by the vehicle? This setting is used for the "compatible vehicles only" setting, as well.