Plugin *.ini file

  • The *.ini file controls the loading and configuration process of the DLL. Among other things, it is used for mapping the variables and events.

    A typical *.ini file is structured as follows:

    The first section defines which DLL is to be loaded under which LOTUS version (32 bit or 64 bit). If no DLL is specified for a LOTUS version, the DLL will not be loaded under this version. The other sections define which variables and events are to be interacted with.

    For each type of variable (Boolean, Integer, Float and String), a list of variables to be read is defined in the respective "[ReadingVars...]" section. Within the DLL, the respective variable is identified via the index in the *.ini file.

    In the "[EventsBool]" section, the button events (otherwise corresponding to the keyboard and game controller button events) are listed which are to be set by the script. Similarly, the "[EventsFloat]" section contains the events with which the float values are passed to the script (otherwise corresponds to the game controller axes). Again, the identification within the DLL is done via the list index.

    The fact that within the DLL only indices are used for identification and the actual assignment to variable and event names is only done in the *.ini file has the advantage that the DLLs can be easily adapted in case of deviating vehicle scripts.