DÜWAG TW6000 Hannover/Den Haag/Budapest

  • Hello everyone!
    In this topic we'd like to show our Düwag TW6000 tram project.
    At first, we want to make the TW6000 and TW6100 trams from Budapest, but later, we'd like to make their original versions from Hannover and Hague. In Budapest, there are 89 units of type TW6000 and 25 units of type TW6100. Actually, these trams have Flip-Dot and LED Matrix external displays, but the units of type TW6000 were in operation for a while with Rollband displays controlled by IBIS after their arrival to Budapest in 2001.
    So from type TW6000, there will be versions with Rollband, Flipdot and LED displays, and from type TW6100, there will be versions with Rollband and LED displays.
    Nevertheless we're planning more variable things for our trams.

    The Creators team

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    Changed the title of the thread from “DÜWAG TW6000 Hannover/Haag/Budapest” to “DÜWAG TW6000 Hannover/Den Haag/Budapest”.
  • We brought you some render pictures about the project. The two types of the stop request buttons are done with more different texture types. We also finished the hole for loading the sand, as well as the warning lights for disabled photocell in two variants, and finally the emergency buttons and the ticket validators from Budapest and Hannover are ready to be converted too. There are also pictures about the doors and the stuff on the roof, but these are not finished yet.
    At the moment, we cannot say anything about the performance and optimalisation, because the tram is still in the modelling phase, but we try to make a well-modelled tram with close-to-real scripts, but also with a good performance even on weaker computers.

    The Creators team.

  • I have some great news.

    I had a Phonecall with one of the Employees from the Üstra and i have very good news.

    It's not 100% sure but I'm glad to say that with a little bit of luck we (The Hannover Lotus Team) are able to get all the Informations about the Tram and hopefully we can make sound recordings to. If we got these Informations we would share them with you.

  • [ENG]

    In the past few weeks, we were working quietly in our ,,workshop". Let's see what we have done!
    The most combinations of headlights are done. We've started making the cab, and the dashboard is almost done, but most of the cockpits have to be remodelled. The speedometer is ready to be converted, both the analog and digital versions (which is used in Budapest). The setting of the equipments has also started in section 'A', at first only in the Budapest version, but by changing some minor things e. g. internal displays and ticket validators, it can be easily modified to get the Hannover version. At the moment, we are focusing on the textures.

  • wirklich ganz großes Kino! Als Kind bin ich mit dem TW6000 zur Schule gefahren, alleine eure Umsetzung des TWs war der Grund für mich Lotus zu kaufen! Bitte so weiter machen.

  • I know it might be rude but are there any news for this Project? It would be sad to see it die after such a impressive start.

  • Ron Thunderr At the moment we have less free time than needed, so the development has been slowed down, and only smaller, less spectacular things were made in the last weeks. But don't worry, we haven't stopped the project, and we're working on it as much as we can.

  • [ENG]
    In the last few weeks, we were focusing on other things, but this project hasn't been stopped. This time we were working on the driver cabin, so the box of the fuses, the throttle and the "Futár" on-board unit (which is used in Budapest) are done. The dashboard is being built in more variations.