• Hi guys

    Some reason i could not reply to the other threads which relate to my question so had no choice but to open a new thread.

    So at the moment i dont have a PC and seen that you have released the early access rails modul but i have no real intrest in trams at the moment.

    So im wondering if you could help me have a rough idea when the bus / road modul will be released for early access? Like are you aiming before christmas or new year or next month?.

    The reason i ask is because i dont want to buy a gaming pc now but have to wait until new year to use Lotus as i could buy a gaming pc. During the new year sale if its releasing that late , So if you could give me a sort of hint when you think it might be releasing would help me massively



  • Janine

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  • I wouldn't expect an early acces of the Bus modul in this year. The works haven't even begun (or haven't been announced), and the Rails modul is still unfinished. Also, don't forget you won't really get any content in the Early Access verson - Basically, it's for developers, so you probably don't need the game at the moment it comes out.

    Wouldn't say it comes before the summer of '19, but more likely later that year.