Workshop upload, Window doesn't want to close

  • 1. Please describe as detailed as possible what you did and which problem that leads to.

    After finishing a transfer, a popup appears and say that the transfer is finished..

    But look this:

    2. Please post your logfile and if possible attach your debug logfile, as well, which have been created during the problem occured.

    3. If it is a performance or another possibly hardware-related problem, please post your system information. Those are:

    • OS and architecture (32/64bit): 64 bit
    • Processor clock rate: 3.5Ghz
    • Processor cores: 4
    • RAM: 8 GB
    • Type of hard drive (HDD/SDD): SSD, but LOTUS is on HHD
    • Desktop or Notebook? Desktop
    • Name of your graphics card: GTX 970
    • Graphics memory: 4 GB
    • GPU clock rate: 1140MHz
    • OpenGL version (see LOTUS logfile): 4.6.0 NVIDIA 416.34
  • Hmmmmm... does this happen every time?

    And does someone other has this problem?


    But, PLEASE don't work on your desktop! Create a directory anywhere and move your lob-Files, the textures and (important!!!!!) the Export-Directory into the new created directory.

    Then "save & pack" one of your items and go to "LOTUS\MyContent". There you will find two containers: "desktop.lct" and "[newfolder].lct". Now remove "desktop.lct".

  • Yes, It happens every time :O

    Oh, and the folder on the desktop is my french translation for LOTUS, and I didn't dare to ask how to properly move without doing the mess. :giggle:

    And my files on the desktop are the unused, they was just here to convert JPG files from DDS, but they aren't use. Don't worry, everything is stored in sorted folders. Except the French file that deals with the desktop. :rofl:

    Vive Heuliez Bus ! :D

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  • I'm having the same issue. When the upload is finished the window doesn't close when hitting OK. The workaround is to move the 'Upload finished' and close the other window, then you can close the 'Upload Finished' window as well.

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