Poll: Which feature should be the next one?

  • Which feature should be next? 280

    1. Simulation: "Hof"-Files and subsequently IBIS and destination displays in GT6N (88) 31%
    2. Content: Very very early and first version of the Berlin map M1: From Hackescher Markt to a partly fictional ​railway triangle at Zionskirchplatz (79) 28%
    3. Content: Thorough​​ swipe through missing GT6N features (rear driver's desk, missing sounds, inside details, what you want next, debugging, head nodding, ...) (31) 11%
    4. Map-Editor: Bridge construction: Place streets and tracks on bridges (25) 9%
    5. Simulation: Weather effects (24) 9%
    6. Map-Editor: Free forming and painting of terrain (20) 7%
    7. Simulation: Real-time driving mirrors (13) 5%

    Hello :)

    As promised, you are now able to vote for the next feature in LOTUS. This list is closed, so you are not able to add your own wishes. :) Please note that the upcoming feature is independend from publishing bug fixes! :)

    Best regards and a lot of fun voting...


    Please place comments and questions in this thread:

    Kommentare, Fragen, Erklärungen zur Feature-Umfrage

    :flag_ger: Du suchst nach der deutschen Umfrage? Folge diesem Link... :flag_ger:

  • Janine

    Approved the thread.
  • As everyone can see, the "Hof"-files won and we will start immediately with the implementation. Thanks for participating in our poll! :)

  • Which feature should be next? 73

    1. Routes & special PIS files (stops, individual rollerblind textures, special strings, inverting possible) (28) 38%
    2. Traffic light requests (23) 32%
    3. Toggle switches from the vehicle (e.g. from the bord computer) (18) 25%
    4. Drive switches open + Spring switches (4) 5%


    Again, there is a feature poll. This time, it is shorter and more short-term. :)

    We would appreciate a fast and active participation! :)

    Best regards