Poll: Which feature should be the next one?

  • Which feature should be next? 280

    1. Simulation: "Hof"-Files and subsequently IBIS and destination displays in GT6N (88) 31%
    2. Content: Very very early and first version of the Berlin map M1: From Hackescher Markt to a partly fictional ​railway triangle at Zionskirchplatz (79) 28%
    3. Content: Thorough​​ swipe through missing GT6N features (rear driver's desk, missing sounds, inside details, what you want next, debugging, head nodding, ...) (31) 11%
    4. Map-Editor: Bridge construction: Place streets and tracks on bridges (25) 9%
    5. Simulation: Weather effects (24) 9%
    6. Map-Editor: Free forming and painting of terrain (20) 7%
    7. Simulation: Real-time driving mirrors (13) 5%

    Hello :)

    As promised, you are now able to vote for the next feature in LOTUS. This list is closed, so you are not able to add your own wishes. :) Please note that the upcoming feature is independend from publishing bug fixes! :)

    Best regards and a lot of fun voting...


    Please place comments and questions in this thread:

    Kommentare, Fragen, Erklärungen zur Feature-Umfrage

    :flag_ger: Du suchst nach der deutschen Umfrage? Folge diesem Link... :flag_ger:

  • Janine

    Approved the thread.
  • As everyone can see, the "Hof"-files won and we will start immediately with the implementation. Thanks for participating in our poll! :)

  • Which feature should be next? 73

    1. Routes & special PIS files (stops, individual rollerblind textures, special strings, inverting possible) (28) 38%
    2. Traffic light requests (23) 32%
    3. Toggle switches from the vehicle (e.g. from the bord computer) (18) 25%
    4. Drive switches open + Spring switches (4) 5%


    Again, there is a feature poll. This time, it is shorter and more short-term. :)

    We would appreciate a fast and active participation! :)

    Best regards


  • Which feature should be next? 102

    1. First the AI (simple, then complex), subsequently the performance (67) 66%
    2. First the performance, than AI (35) 34%

    Dear community,

    it is planned in respect of the release of the Bus module to begin with the programming of the AI (hence traffic and pedestrians).

    At first we implement the paths, which have to be laid by the map builders. The vehicles and pedestrians can move along those paths. Then, the detection of the vehicles among themselves will be implemented, to avoid collisions between each other, then first traffic rules, later of course the schedules, ... As already announced, the implementation of the complete AI will take several months.

    The simple AI contains the driving along paths, the vehicle detection among each other and very first traffic rules.

    We want to know if you prefer to get that simple AI as soon as possible, or if you wish that, instead, we use 1 or 2 months to optimize and improve the performance in LOTUS, before we even start with AI.

    Thanks for your participation!