Editor closes when wanting to place new catenary ( over head wire) ( Bug?? )

  • Hi everyone. I want to report a bug i found with the editor. OK so when i want to place new catenary using " New Catinery " button, editor sometimes automatically closes without any warning or error and there is no error in log file as well and it started to annoy me a bit. I can't see any topic about this problem so i wanted to report this problem to see if this is a problem in editor itself or if it's a problem on my end. Thanks in advance and i hope developers will see this and help me. ^^

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  • I am using your catenary ( one that came with LOTUS ) and i think i found an error in my logfile. I don't understand german fully so i need some help :)

  • Sorry to ask you again, which content are you using? To avoid being misunderstood, please open your Editor and map, pretend to place the bugged catenary again and show me a screenshot with a painted red arrow on which content you tried to place.

  • This problem happens when i press the N key on my keyboard but sometimes it happens when i click "Neu Catenary" I hope these are the screenshots you mean.

    These are the polls i am using


    This is the Catenary screenshot. This time i was lucky that editor didn't close while i was taking screenshots. I was even following map editor tutorial by Julian on Youtube.


    I hope this is what you meant. Thanks again for trying to help me with this situation. :)

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  • OK i have tested something with this problem. The editor crashes only when i press the N key on my keyboard when using catenary. So there's a problem with using the N key for new objects.

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  • No problem miss. ^^ I am glad i am at least a little bit of a help in development. I am here to test the simulator and it's contents to the limit. That's why i bought it this early because i want to help you make this simulator #1 simulator on the market ^^Plus after what you made with OMSI i thought you and your team deserve it and deserve my help. Good luck in the future improvement of this great simulator. :thumbsup:

    Best regards

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