Textures are black, even with MipMaps

  • Since the latest update, the DDS textures must contain MipMaps so I started adding MipMaps to my textures because the sceneryobjects got totally black in lack of the MipMaps.


    Adding MipMaps brings nothing positive change to my textures. Everything is still black - from far away. If I zoom in, the blackness gradually disappears in the Content Tool. In the Map Editor and in the game the walls are totally black except the windows.

    The texture is a DXT 3 DDS containing MipMaps and including an alpha-channel for the sunshine regulation.

    Any workaround for this problem? I used DXTBMP and paint.net with some plugin too, but the result is the same.

    Thanks in advance.

  • sprintex

    Changed the title of the thread from “Adding MipMaps” to “Textures are black, even with MipMaps”.
  • So illustrating the problem again:

    First case:

    • DXT 3 DDS
    • 512x512
    • MipMaps

    The result:

    Second case:

    • DXT 3 DDS
    • 512x512
    • MipMaps
    • Alpha Channel

    The result:

    The texture in DXTBMP:

  • I think, the problem is the algorithm, your image program generates the mipmaps:

    Very often, image software "thinks", that alpha = 0 means full transparency. In this case, it would make sense not to calculate the color channel (leave it black), because it cannot be seen if the alpha channel will be used for transparency. Because in LOTUS you can use the alpha channel a different way, you now can see the result of this "idea"... :-(

    Btw. you can see this effect at the windows (alpha channel > 0) – they are not black.

    So perhaps your image software can handle the mipmap generation a different way (please show us the dds saving/generation options) or you have to use a completely different software to generate the mipmaps... :<

  • Hi,
    I was having the same problem that the image software (Paint.net in my case) exports pixels with alpha = 0 in MipMap completely black. You can avoid it with a little workaround: set alfa of these pixels on a very low value (for example 1). Then their color values will get exported in MipMaps as well. In Paint.net it works so hopefully it will work in DXTBMP too. :)